Brand design agency Vault49 reveals the identity and visual language for slime brand Moon Cotton, including full unboxing experience for the direct to consumer brand.

Moon Cotton was launched in 2017 before becoming part of the IMGN Media portfolio, which includes viral, social media brands Daquan and So Satisfying. Led by IMGN Media creative director Katie Woolly, Moon Cotton had carved out a premium space in the slime category with inspired flavor combinations and considered settings for the videos. Now within IMGN Media’s portfolio, Woolly sought to refresh her brand’s visual identity and the company took the challenge to Vault49.

“Vault49 has an expertise in connecting with consumers through design across all categories and we were happy to extend our partnership with the team. The way they paired the playfulness of the category with the premium quality of our slime was evident as the product sold out immediately, said Dor Mizrahi, co-founder of IMGN Media.

The agency's design solution takes inspiration from the punk spirit of the DIY world through the lens of premium craft. Hand-drawn flavor illustrations which capture the brand’s whimsical personality are complimented by a color palette that is bright, joyful and irresistible, just like its products. A flirty tone of voice was used to add a playfulness to the experience.