Kit & Kin, a new family brand featuring nappies that combine premium performance with bio-degradability, alongside a range of certified natural skincare for mothers and babies reached out to B&B studio ( to create the name, visual identity and packaging for the line.

Co-founded by Emma Bunton (Baby Spice of Spice Girls band fame) and experienced baby entrepreneur Chris Money, Kit & Kin seeks to deliver affordable and effective eco-friendly products, taking away the stress new parents feel when trying to choose the best products for their children. Dermatologically tested and approved, each nappy uses more sustainable materials than other standard household brands, and contains significantly fewer chemicals for a drier and healthier start to life.

Vitally, Kit & Kin nappies biodegrade within three to six years as opposed to disposable nappies, which can take up to 500 years to decompose in landfill.

B&B’s strategy was to create a stylish, contemporary and gender-neutral brand that would appeal to modern parents, while signalling natural eco-friendly performance through simple, intuitive design. The brand name is a play on words inspired by the idiom ‘kith and kin,’ meaning ‘your family’, while the tone of voice is approachable, knowledgeable and slightly humorous, communicating brand values in a clear and friendly way that helps new parents navigate the baby care category with confidence.

Shaun Bowen, creative partner at B&B studio, says: “The nappy category is divided between mainstream brands signalling performance and niche brands that focus on the out-dated hokey codes of natural. For Kit & Kin, it was vital to signal the coming together of eco credibility and effectiveness, and we’ve achieved that with design that’s truly desirable too.”

The visual identity features fresh, soft colours that feel appropriate for mum and baby alike, alongside illustrations of mountains and flowers that feature geometric Scandi-influenced patterns and signal environmental responsibility. A brand character – Kit – is shown beneath a leaf, representing both dryness and eco credentials. The nappies themselves have irresistible animal faces on the back, including a panda, fox, bear, tiger and owl, all designed by B&B.

“B&B studio really understood what we wanted to achieve with Kit and Kin. The name, the overall look and feel, and the nappy designs all capture what modern parents are looking for. Finally, we are able to offer a fun, stylish baby care brand that’s eco-friendly and works without harming baby. A brand parents can trust in and help make those early days of parenthood a little easier," says Kit & Kin co-founder Chris Money.