DEStech Publications Inc. announces the publication of The Use of Nanomaterials in Food Contact Materials: Design, Applications, Safety, edited by Rob Veraart, Ph.D.

This volume surveys the problems, assesses the risks, and presents solutions regarding the use of nanomaterials in food-contact materials such as packaging and preparation surfaces. The book explains how and why nanoparticles are applied in packaging materials, inks, coatings and antimicrobials. Special attention is given to methods for determining the size and shape of nanoparticles. Within this framework, experimental and modeling information are provided on the safety risks caused by migration of molecular and sub-molecular-sized particles from packaging. The book investigates the vectors and probabilities of nanoparticle ingestion by consumers. A primary feature of this book is a review of laws governing nanomaterials in the food industry from Europe, Asia, South and North America.

Some of the highlights of the book include:

  • Explains methods for detecting and sizing nanoparticles in food processing and packaging
  • Covers materials, laminates, inks, coatings and antimicrobials
  • Clarifies risks of nanoparticle migration from packaging
  • Assesses dangers to consumers and spells out safety measures
  • Outlines food and nanomaterials laws from Europe, Asia, North and South America

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