TricorBraun ( received a record number of medals at the NACD (National Association of Container Distributors) 2017 Packaging Awards. Of the company's 10 medals received at the NACD competition this year, four were gold, four were silver and two were bronze.

TricorBraun has won awards in every year of the more than 30 years it has competed in award shows. Its winning entries in 2017's NACD show included:

Eufora, Conceal (Gold, Cosmetics) taps into the 'Root Touch Up' movement in hair care. However, not wanting to use an aerosol can, various different powder compacts and sponge - tip applicators were considered, but ultimately a powder-brush package was used. Product is dispensed when you tap on it.

Sei Bella Spring Romance Pallet (Silver, Cosmetics) is the answer to putting a square peg in a round hole. L ip color , normally molded in round bullets, was hot-poured into pans and created a pallet with a hidden drawer to hold them. This custom paper pallet was done in three unique paper patterns with corresponding hot stamp.

DECON-Cycle (Silver, General Industrial) solve s the complex problem created when the bottle ends up being more than a bottle. The current bottle was leaking. By building a new mold and multiple rounds of testing, the end result was this 16oz HDPE multi-chamber spray bottle with 70mm attached jar.

Pacific Blue Soap & Hand Sanitizer (Bronze, General Industrial) was launched to complement the paper towel dispensing business of a leading manufacturer. Tasked with creating a collapsible PET bottle that could handle the squeezing pressure of a manual soap dispenser, engineers and project managers were able to work through the complex calculations required to design molds to create a bottle with (almost) the rigidity of a bag. Special corrugated had to be designed and tested as not to crush the bottles. 

3M Perfect It Boat Care Products (Gold, General Household Chemical & Automotive) are 16 and 32 ounce, HDPE, tapered oblong bullets that stand out on shelves with a bright purple color, promising a product that will protect the boat and perhaps, even enhance performance. Topped off with multiple spout closure colors, the bottles are made with 25% PCR: reinforcing the idea that products used on a waterborne vehicle should reflect protecting the environment.

Truvia Nectar Stevia Sweetener (Bronze, Food) is a testament to thorough research and technological capabilities. A first-of-its-kind, this bottle is small, slim and portable. Easy to squeeze and e rgonomic. It's the first PET resin bottle with a 14mm snap finish travel size for the beverage/water enhancer product category, with an added a cap that offers clean, customized dispensing.

Performix Iridium (Gold, Nutritional) emulates the square design elements of the brand's 32 ounce square container but is scaled up for a larger two pound container. The design uses an existing standard 120mm neck finish and adds a step ring allowing a custom collar to ' snap ' onto the bottle to square off the package. Design also incorporates a fully custom ' gas cap ' style 120mm closure, Eye-catching PERFORMIX name embossing further enhances the brand message.

Allmax Hexapro (Silver, Nutritional) includes the most innovative ideas for the sports nutrition segment. With a closure that has a tough ' machine ' look with large 'gear teeth' for ease of removal. The 3 and 5.5 pound bottles were designed proportionate to the closure size to make the entire package function together to improve consumer experience in closure removal. The design also features scoop-in-neck technology to show customers that the manufacturer truly cares about customer ease-to-use and waste reduction.

Isle of Dogs Volumizing Shampoo (Silver, Pet & Vet) makes the messy job of bathing a dog, easier and more efficient. Sometimes it's the package that does it. In the case if Isle of Dogs Shampoo, the wide square bottles sits with great stability and the shower guard pump protects the product from splashing water.

Sesame Street Bubble Bath (Gold, Novelty) was Walmart's #1 selling children shampoo in 2016, and the new, upgraded design was developed to help keep it there. A shampoo bottle almost as cuddly as the Muppets themselves, it began by engineering a 24 ounce bottle design with multiple concave and convex curves that could be blown easily and consistently at a high quality level. It uses a full body shrink sleeve label.

"We are extremely proud of our NACD award wins," says Keith Strope, president and CEO, of TricorBraun. "But these awards are only significant because they represent the deep and highly customized relationships and work we do with our customers. Our award-winning Design & Engineering Center provides forward-thinking service driven by consumer insight, market understanding and creative solutions.

"Everything we do is about making things better for our customers, our suppliers and our company. Winning awards validates our superior engineering and design, but more important, it emphasizes the focus we place on working closely with great customers."