Four new directors and the return of three directors were appointed at the annual election to the Board of Directors of the Reusable Packaging Association (RPA, for the 2018-2019 term.

The four new directors on the RPA Board are:

  • Andrae Kirkland, Senior Analyst, Craft Integration & Reverse Logistics Process Improvement, Anheuser-Busch InBev
  • Brandon D'Emidio, Director, Marketing & Product Management, CHEP
  • Paul Pederson, Vice President, Protein & Dairy Supply Chain and Food Safety, Polymer Logistics
  • Michael Wasson, Vice President, Supply Chain & Operations, Tosca

The three directors renewing their term on the Board include:

  • John McCurdy, Vice President, Commercial Development, DS Smith
  • Dan Lafond, National Sales Director, Rehrig Pacific
  • David Kalan, Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, RM2

In addition, Morten Bielefeldt, senior vice president, sales & service at Brüel Systems, was appointed by the Board of Directors to fill a vacant seat.

Mr. Wasson will also assume the role of Secretary-Treasurer for the Association, joining returning Chairman of the Board Norm Kukuk, ORBIS Corporation, Vice Chairman Rick Sasse, TriEnda, Immediate Past Chair Hillary Femal, IFCO Systems, and RPA President & CEO Tim Debus as members of the Executive Committee.

“We welcome our new and returning Board members for 2018 and appreciate their service as part of the RPA leadership,” said Chairman Kukuk.  “This talented group with diverse expertise in reusable packaging will add valuable perspectives as we strengthen the Association to support a fast-growing industry.”

RPA recognizes the contributions of three industry leaders who are leaving the Board after serving multiple terms: Mr. Jack Fillmore, Buckhorn; Ms. Cindy Doman, Herman Miller; and Mr. David Rodgers, Tosca.  “RPA and the reusable packaging industry are in a better position today because of their work and support in advancing common industry objectives,” Debus said. “We’re thankful to have their ideas and experience help guide the activities of the Association to impact the industry and create programs of value for members.”

In addition to the Board roles, two committee chair appointments were made to provide leadership in support of key areas of focus for the Association: operations and logistics; and the food and beverage market:

Mr. Shawn Stockman, Director of Business Solutions, ReturnCenter, was named chair of the RPA Operations and Logistics Committee, whose charter is to facilitate knowledge and the development of industry standards for common processes seeking the efficient movement, handling, visibility and return of reusable packaging products.

Ms. Susan Heil, Vice President of Marketing, Tosca, was appointed chair of the RPA Food and Beverage Committee. The Food and Beverage Committee positions and validates reusable transport packaging as the preferred system for delivering safe and high-quality foods through the most sustainable, protective and efficient means.