Elif’s (elif.com) new Elif2Pouch pre-made pouch solution combines sustainability, convenience, performance and cost-efficiency. The company claims its neo-eco packaging solution is the next step in how sustainability is addressed in packaging innovation. Neo-eco packaging can improve the functionality, performance, cost-efficiency and ecological credentials at the same time through the use of new materials and technologies.

Elif launched its 100 percent recyclable polyethylene (PE) stand-up pouch solution in the market as a result of R&D studies for more sustainable packaging solutions. Unlike traditional pouches, Elif2Pouch offers 100 percent recyclability with its PE material structure. Eliminating the need of lamination with other substrates, this pouch enables consumer recycling with other polyethylene materials. 

Elif2Pouch provides up to three times more performance in strength, moisture barrier and optical properties when compared to the conventional packaging solutions available in market. The pouch can be used in FMCG industries requiring barrier packaging like food and beverage, pet food, home care, beauty and personal care. Elif2Pouch offers high sealing capability, excellent puncture and tear resistance, wide range of reclosability and spout options. It also preserves freshness and aroma of food products as in the first day with its high moisture and customizable aroma barrier properties.

Its lightweight structure offers cost advantage in storage and transportation compared to conventional pouch packaging solutions.