Grass Run Farms, a collaboration of family farms in America’s heartland that produces 100 percent grass fed beef, launched its first individually quick frozen (IQF) all-natural ground beef patties in both a resealable pouch and multi-use recyclable carton packaging.

The new patties are all natural, ready-to-cook and contain only 100-percent grass fed beef. Both gluten- and soy-free, the patties are sold in packages containing six, 1/3-pound patties, which are 80-percent lean.

“Grass Run Farms continually innovates healthy protein options for its consumers,” said Charlie Bradbury, head of Grass Run Farms. “We’ve answered the call for convenient, 100 percent grass fed beef products through our new ready-to-cook IQF ground beef patties. Consumers are leading busier lives than ever before, and products like our new patties offer a level of ease for families across the country.”

IQF technology is a growing trend in the food industry, allowing individual pieces of the product to be frozen separately. This process creates an end product far superior to other freezing techniques, such as cold storage freezing. Most importantly, IQF prevents the loss of nutrients, dehydration, loss of color, individual pieces sticking together, and an unfavorable change in texture and shape.