Digital media company Barstool Sports and frozen meal brand Happi Foodi recently announced a partnership to produce a new line of ready-to-heat pizzas, branded as One Bite Pizza.

Barstool Sports' Founder and President Dave Portnoy's One Bite pizza review series is the most engaged pizza show on the internet. Dave is the number 1 pizza influencer with the highest engagement on the internet, and on his way to building the largest directory of pizza.

The 'One Bite' franchise has taken hold of the nation where he visits pizzerias across the country, eating and rating pizza one slice at a time based on his first bite — stating his famous catchphrase, "One Bite. Everybody Knows The Rules." During the COVID-19 pandemic, Portnoy was limited with delivery options and forced to pause in-person reviews, and pivoted to frozen pizzas. His at-home frozen pizza reviews sparked his journey to create the best frozen pizza recipe and share it with all to enjoy.

Barstool Sports partnered with Happi Foodi, an experienced and established brand headquartered in Secaucus, New Jersey, to produce a portfolio of pizzeria-inspired ready-to-heat pizzas under the brand One Bite. Happi Foodi is a chef-created, foodie-inspired frozen food brand on a mission to delight customers with their products, which include Keto Bowls, Cauliflower Pizzas, Veggie Sides, Waffles and more. Happi Foodi has successfully embraced the recent growth of the frozen food segment with a focus on fresh, better-for-you ingredients.

"Pizza is a huge part of my brand. I've been involved in the process every step of the way with the team at Happi Foodi, from ingredients to taste testing to packaging, and we're excited to take it to over 90% of Walmarts. This has been a passion project of mine for years and I'm excited for our One Bite community to finally get to rank my pizza. And remember, this is a frozen pizza scale." - Dave Portnoy, Founder & President of Barstool Sports

Each of Portnoy's One Bite Pizza recipes starts with an Italian stone-baked crust, savory tomato sauce crafted from vine-ripened tomatoes, grated parmesan cheese, olive oil and carefully selected herbs and spices. One Bite Pizzas are topped with freshly grated cheeses including mozzarella, cheddar and provolone and topped with bacon, pepperoni and sausage that are seasoned to perfection. One Bite pizzas are available in four flavors: 5 Cheese, Pepperoni, 3 Meat and Supreme.

"Partnering with Dave Portnoy and Barstool Sports has created a revolution in how packaged foods are innovated, marketed and sold," says Sam Rockwell, CEO of Happi Foodi. "We are excited to leverage our development and distribution capabilities to make One Bite Pizza a success. Between Dave's equity in pizza, Happi Foodi's expertise in packaged consumer goods and Barstool's megaphone, we have the opportunity to drive unprecedented growth."