Some buyers are complaining the bulky packaging for newly legalized cannabis is environmentally unfriendly, but producers say government guidelines are to blame.

Greg MacLean, who bought marijuana from the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation last week, says he was shocked to see how much packaging was used for four grams: two plastic containers, two cardboard boxes and clear plastic casing, all enclosed in a brown paper bag. The 37-year-old medical user says the packaging is overkill, and he never saw this amount of packaging when he ordered online from dispensaries. 

Health Canada's cannabis guidelines dictate that packaging must prevent contamination, be tamper-proof and be child-resistant. 

Allan Rewak of the Cannabis Council of Canada says the industry has been concerned about potential waste diversion problems, but also understands Health Canada's caution in requiring enough warning signs on the packaging. 

Rewak says over time the industry would like to work with the government to reduce the packaging, saying many of the warnings can be included on an insert.