Berry Global Group Inc. ( has launched a range of cannabis packaging solutions: Embark, a line of packaging designed for cannabis flower and edible products. Berry’s Blue Clover Studios developed the Embark packaging concepts through user-centered design research, with child-resistance (CR) features that support ease of use for adults.

“As with all of our user-driven innovation projects, our focus around Embark was to deliver an experience and fulfill unmet needs for the end consumer while delivering on critical performance values for the brand owner,” said Scott Fisher, design director at Blue Clover. “We believe these package formats are truly unique in their ability to deliver on those values.”

Embark includes three package types, each of which provides built-in child-resistance within a distinct shape that’s designed to stand out on the dispensary shelf and support experience benefits for the consumer. All three packs are designed to hold 3.5g of flower product with a flat profile to fit into pockets and handbags.

  • Embark Fresh is designed to optimize freshness, with a film layer across three separately sealed compartments, locking in moisture and freshness until time of use/consumption for flower, as well as up to three bite-sized edibles or other products; the package’s hermetic seal also locks in odor, providing a true air-tight solution.
  • Embark Grip is a vertically oriented solution, discreet and able to slip into a purse or pocket, with an intuitive one-handed CR function; in addition to flower, this package can hold up to 5 half-gram pre-rolls or up to10 small edibles.
  • Embark Case is a flat, one-inch deep tray with a CR hinged opening, allowing the consumer to view and select the perfect flower or flavored edible; this package can also hold up to 5 half-gram pre-rolls or up to ten small edibles.

Berry also carries a stock line of CR packaging for cannabis products, including PursePak, packer bottles, a 15ml PETG jar with custom printed CR, black opaque Friendly & Safe vials and more.