STO Responsible ( has released its line of sustainable packaging for the cannabis industry. The company's founders built their business in order to solve the packaging problems that have plagued marijuana product producers, while also offering cannabis companies and consumers a reliable, safe choice for packaging that won’t clog the landfill.

The STO product line is made with a special oxygen-driven additive in the material that creates accelerated degradation, allowing the packaging to degrade safely without harming the environment. The containers are reusable, and the company encourages customers to repurpose them.

The packaging is sustainable, child-resistant and pet-resistant, adhering to the cannabis industry’s strict compliance standards. STO Responsible containers are designed with accessibility in mind: the rectangular shape, depth and wide mouths allow for easy access. The containers are stackable and provide better branding and display options for companies that also must adhere to state-mandated labeling regulations.

STO Responsible's packaging is designed to meet the needs of brands as well as environmentalists. The containers come with  exterior sleeve and sticker dieline templates that are provided to STO customers at no additional charge. The dielines give brands the freedom to showcase their logos and personal messaging however they choose.

A variety of sizes and shapes are available for packaging edibles, flower, infused topicals and more.