HLP Klearfold (hlpklearfold.com) has developed a versatile, protective, creative branding package to meet the fast-evolving needs of the cannabis market — patent-pending Klearfold Keeper CR, a transparent, fully customizable, child-resistant (CR) package.

The company offers transparency to medical and recreational cannabis products marketers with its clear windowed packaging, while exceeding child-resistance and senior-friendly criteria of the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC), as defined in CFR Title 16, Part 1700.

Klearfold Keeper CR is a tray-and-sleeve style CR package. Its clear plastic substrate delivers product visibility and tear resistance. The resiliency of the pack's substrate allows its simple but effective locking mechanism to re-lock many times for multiple use products. Adding a wafer or security seal to the open end of the package provides tamper evidence.

Since sleeves are made from a clear substrate, printed graphics determine how much of the carton is opaque (printed) and how much transparency remains.  This allows brand owners to expose as much, or as little, of their package’s contents as desired, no matter the form of cannabis. One-hundred percent ink coverage would result in a completely opaque Klearfold Keeper CR package.

Following the instructions printed on the package, an adult can easily unlock it with a thumb press on a release tab that extends from the face of the outer carton. Pressing this release tab also disengages a locking tab on the internal vacuum-formed tray from a slot die-cut in the carton’s sidewall, allowing the tray to slide out.  To ensure that the tray remains connected to the outer carton at all times, its locking tab snaps into a second slot toward the open end of the carton, preventing its complete removal.  To relock the package, the tray is pushed back into the carton until the tab reengages the first locking slot.  

The Klearfold Keeper CR is fully customizable, available in a variety of sizes and can be made from box-grade PET (polyester terephthalate) or RPET (recycled content PET). They are delivered pre-assembled, are easy to fill, and require no machinery to set-up or fill.