Healthy Times — a premium, verified Non-GMO, organic nutrition brand for babies and toddlers — announced refreshed packaging, including the addition of the Feed the Children logo to solidify the brand’s commitment to its non-profit partner.  After nearly four decades of being a favorite among mothers looking for natural and organic options, the brand is now appealing to a new generation of parents that are seeking quality options for their children’s nutrition.

One of the first organic baby food brands in the USA market, Healthy Times was started in 1980 in a mom’s kitchen as a natural alternative to the baby foods that were full of refined sugar, salt and preservatives. The new design reflects the organic nature of the product with natural tones, while maintaining the playful animal characters synonymous with the brand’s heritage. The package refresh will apply to the Organic Toddler Formula, Baby Cereals, Hugga Bear Cookies and Arrowroot Cookies.

The Organic Baby Cereal will now be produced in a resealable pouch to maintain freshness and store easily at home. All new SKUs will be available to ship in a six-pack case.

“Healthy Times is thrilled to move into the next phase of its growth reaching new families, with a continued commitment to the brand legacy,” said Kerrie Erdenberger, vice president of sales at Healthy Times. “The new packaging stays true to our brand’s heritage, while providing parents with a deeper understanding of what’s inside, adding more convenient packaging, clearer visuals outlining age recommendations, and a more direct call-out of our non-GMO, organic ingredients.”