San Francisco Bay Area-based baby food company, Square Baby, has partnered with Vericool Inc. ( makers of compostable insulation and recyclable cold-chain packaging for its subscription boxes.

The Square Meal System was designed by registered dietitians and pediatricians to support a child’s needs and specific dietary restrictions with customized meal plans, including a variety of adventurous food options to spur interest in new flavors and textures. The meals are for babies ages 4-6, 6-8 and 8-12 months old.

Current recipes include single-ingredient options such as Lil Mango and Lil Peas, as well as more complex options such as Beet Berry, Avocado Greens, Apple Curry Chicken and Spinach Dahl, intended to encourage palate development.

“I created Square Baby to provide busy parents a simple way to ensure their babes receive 100 percent balanced nutrition each day,” said Katie Thomson, Square Baby CEO and co-founder. “As a mom and as a registered dietitian with food industry experience, I knew there was a way to deliver freshly made, nutritious baby food directly to the doorstep.”

With the Vericoolers, Square Baby provides the baby meals delivered in an environmentally friendly cooler that can be easily placed in curbside recycling.

Square Baby currently is shipped in Vericoolers to other California locations, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Nevada and Arizona, and has plans to expand distribution.