Leading U.K. confectionery manufacturer IB Group has refreshed its Mega Marshmallows brand. Developed by brand design consultancy Brandon (brandon-consultants.com), the new identity and packaging design has been created to drive more American nostalgia and warmth into the brand.

Brandon created a new identity and packaging design that would evolve the brand and drive stronger product quality perceptions to help take advantage of the growing love for marshmallows.

People associate extra-large marshmallows as being a great American tradition, the bigger the better! The previous Mega Marshmallow identity and packaging has already used bold sports college typography combined with the red, white and blue we associate with the country.

To maintain the brand familiarity and trust, Brandon retained the colors and drew further inspiration from the American flag — taking the stars and stripes from the flag and fusing it with vintage American sports icons, both the typography and roundel sports badge. Creating an iconic new Mega Marshmallows identity and packaging design that leaps out of the fixture and makes you want to huddle around a camp fire.  

Mega Marshmallows are available to buy in Sainsbury’s and online at Hancocks: www.hancocks.co.uk.