GreenPrint, an environmental technology company providing turn-key sustainability programs is partnering with Plastic Bank, an organization globally recognized as one of the most important solutions to stop ocean plastic. GreenPrint uses patented technology to calculate CO2e emissions via payment transactions and invests proportionately in certified projects to develop and market sustainability programs for its clients.

Through the partnership with Plastic Bank, GreenPrint will now offer its clients and partners the opportunity to become plastic neutral by offsetting their plastic consumption with Social Plastic Collections Credits (SPCC). SPCC fund the recovery and recycling of an equivalent volume of ocean-bound plastic, effectively neutralizing the environmental impact of virgin plastic use.

Other programs include Ecosystem Activation Partners that allow companies to fund the creation of new Social Plastic Ecosystem, using block chain technology, building branded branches in different places and engage local communities to begin converting waste into currency.

"As of May 31, 2019, Plastic Bank has cumulatively recovered over 10 million pounds of mismanaged waste plastic from the ocean-bound environment," said David Katz, CEO of Plastic Bank.  "We are excited about our partnership with GreenPrint because we know it will only strengthen our ability to make an even greater impact through their network of clients and partners."

GreenPrint's programs offer a variety of customizable options to address the larger issue of climate change, but also find ways to scale community engagement, support, and impact. As a result, GreenPrint's programs have enabled their clients to build stakeholder goodwill, differentiate themselves from their competition, build customer loyalty, and increase revenue and profits. The programs are currently running at over 4,500 retail locations in 14 countries across the globe.