I am pleased to be a regular contributor to Packaging Strategies News for 2020. I look forward to drawing upon my decades of working with major consumer product goods companies to share my exclusive insights with you.

As a longtime supplier of flexible packaging machinery, I have had the unique opportunity to work with a number of companies to help them solve their evolving packaging challenges and continue to evolve their packaging— from large companies to a growing number of entrepreneurial startups. We in the packaging machinery industry have the unique opportunity to collaborate with the supply chain that provides a vast array of innovative packaging materials and solutions. Our goal should be to deliver these consumer products to the retail market—not only safely but with the goal of delighting the consumer. Our aim should be to provide convenience and improve functionality—all with the objective of creating repeat sales.

Packaging is a strategy now more than ever, especially as companies compete for ever-evolving consumer preferences, changing demographics and the incredible expansion of e-commerce. The days of depending on the same old package format is quickly changing, as many of these legacy companies have become the package that they have “standardized” on. Companies have become “box” companies, “can” companies, etc. As a result, many of these companies are reluctant to change due to the complexities of “changing” well-established, refined internal and external infrastructures straight through to the retail shelf. But change is inevitable, and the transition is already well under way.

These changing market dynamics are creating a unique opportunity for innovative marketers to step in with new packaging that is providing convenience, portability and the ability to stand out in the multitude of new marketing outlets that are all competing for the consumer attention. Packaging will continue to be a very important strategic tool in this continuous effort to grow the market and capture market share.

The question is: Will your company show the courage to transition its packaging toward the future or will you continue with the status quo?

Looking into 2020 and beyond we will continue to see new, fresh and exciting methods of flexible packaging enter the market on a global basis. Since my perspective is obviously based on the benefits of flexible packaging, I will be providing my Flexible Insights as to why this packaging category will continue to be the fastest growing method of packaging across the globe. Flexible packaging is here to stay, and a continued commitment to address important environmental and sustainability concerns will increase the development and introduction of recyclable, compostable and alternative bio materials. Flexible Insights will also focus on improving consumer education and awareness.