Security and brand engagement specialists Eltronis Group launched engage, a cloud-based software solution that allows brands to link products to the internet on consumers’ smartphones. The company says engage was designed to meet the growing demand for a simple solution that allows consumers and brands to interact and communicate.

According to Eltronis, counterfeiting is becoming increasingly prevalent, with online sales making it easy to replace genuine items with fakes. By adding engage to products, brands can help counter this trend, promoting the provenance of the item and building protection against potential counterfeits.

Consumers scan the packaging using their smartphones, on items such as wines and spirits to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, which launches an online link defined by the scanned product. Brands select the website they want consumers to see, enabling relevant information to be shared and unlocking insights into the purchasing process through the engage platform.

Pete Smallwood, business development manager for Eltronis, says, “We see engage answering many of the questions that brands have in relation to the consumer purchasing decision by enabling direct communication at the point of purchase.”

Eltronis says it used its experience of security techniques and packaging gained from protecting high security identification documents in the development of engage. The software platform can be tailored to brand’s specific requirements and can be accessed via a visible or hidden QR code and serial number added to the packaging. This provides access to a wide variety of information for brands and consumers through creating a digital fingerprint that increases security, visibility and insight across the supply chain.

“With engage, consumers can interact with brands much more easily via their smartphones, giving them access to the latest online information,” says Smallwood. “From providing information on the authenticity and provenance on the item they have to hand, to delivering the latest online promotions, competitions and brand information, the capabilities for engage are endless.”

website launched to promote engage together with a webinar planned for Feb. 9th— to provide brand owners with more information on the communications and brand protection opportunities available. “Our webinars will demonstrate the simplicity of the engage solution and the insight, visibility and protection that our platform delivers,” says Smallwood.

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