Leveraging its long-standing partnership with inkjet technology expert Xaar, Nilpeter is seeing a growing number of its presses offering advanced digital varnish and foiling embellishments to meet the demand for added-value labels in Italy.

Already hitting double digits within the Italian market, the High-Build Varnish Printbars are seamlessly integrated into the Nilpeter lines and are proving crucial for producing high-value labels in industries that demand premium embellishments, such as wine, spirits, and cosmetics. The flexibility enables Nilpeter to cater to diverse market needs with quality and precision, enhancing labels with highly tactile, visual effects. For example, complex finishes such as doming – the application of a high laydown varnish under cold foil – are easily added to meet a growing demand in luxury wine labelling.

Alongside increasing product shelf-appeal, each High-Build Varnish Printbar provides users with a lower overall cost of production, less material waste, faster make-ready, and increased production rates compared to traditional methods.

The use of digital inkjet is part of Nilpeter’s “Future of Flexo” theme, which combines traditional printing methods with modern innovations including digitaliation, IoT and automation. This approach supports a broad spectrum of added value features which are enabled by Xaar’s technologies, and highly sought after in the Italian market.

The growing success in Italy is testament to the established relationship between Xaar and Nilpeter. Over two decades, the partnership between the two businesses has developed from the first integration of Xaar's 1001 printheads to using the Xaar Nitrox and its advanced technologies in the new generation printbars. The recent opening of Nilpeter’s North American Technology & Educational Center further highlighted the strong partnership, with an FA-17 press showcasing opportunities for digital varnish and foil embellishments by using Xaar’s printbar.

Søren Ringbo, General Manager Digital Products at Nilpeter, said; “Our extensive presence in Italy reflects our ability to meet the premium labelling needs in this luxury market. Innovation and design combine to enable our customers to produce the latest in labels, and our dedication to integrating advanced technologies like Xaar's printbar ensure our presses meet evolving market needs.”

Graham Tweedale, COO of Xaar, also reflected on the success: “Nilpeter’s focus on the Future of Flexo is enhanced by the possibilities of digital printing and Xaar’s technology. The integration of our printbar ensures Nilpeter is not just augmenting label production capabilities but also creating significant value for customers.

"We are delighted to see so many presses already producing sophisticated varnish and foiling embellishments and look forward to continued growth with Nilpeter in providing innovative digital labelling across Italy and beyond.”