PMMI, Kate AchelpohlIt’s no secret that packaging’s role in branding is critical. A strong package design conveys and even enhances brand identity, increases shelf impact and differentiates a product, especially on a crowded store shelf.

And while packaging does more than convey the brand, a successful package will do just that. And to get there, brand owners are turning to new materials and technologies to produce novel, eye-catching package designs for their consumer goods.

Material success

Material choice can speak volumes about a brand. For example, recycled or recyclable materials convey concern for the environment, while heavy glass and gleaming metals offer a premium look.

Flexible materials suggest on-the-go convenience, and films, including metalized options, are a great way to make a pouch stand out on the store shelf. Films feature a balance of physical properties that reduce packaging wrinkles in high-speed product distribution environments, and adapt well to challenging packaging shapes.


Lucky in labeling

Labeling plays multiple roles: Communicating brand messages and promises, as well as complying with FDA requirements for information and coding. Then there’s the increased usage of on-package coupons to satisfy customers managing finances in a slower economy. That may seem a lot to add to a package, and brand owners might worry about cluttering the landscape. However, dual web content flexographic presses provide a solution to these challenges by allowing manufacturers to reduce setup and run times for expandable content label (ECL) and coupon pack line operations. These labeling technologies help brand owners deliver information consumers need to make an informed purchase and ensure regulatory compliance.


Seek out success

Food and beverage manufacturers who want to use their packaging to enhance brand recognition and loyalty will find a host of options at North America’s largest processing and packaging trade show – PACK EXPO International 2014 (Nov. 2–5, McCormick Place, Chicago). PACK EXPO International will feature the most up-to-date trends and technologies on a 1.1 million net square foot show floor. Destinations like The Brand Zone, located in the North Upper Hall, will showcase the latest advancements in paperboard, glass, metal, plastic and flexible materials and containers – as well as the latest inks, print effects and design resources. The Brand Zone will also house the Showcase of Packaging Innovations, a display of award-winning packages from around the world, to provide attendees with inspiration for their next package re-design.

Visit to register for the show today. Registration is $30 prior to October 3, 2014 and $60 thereafter.



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