Farrah’s wraps have quietly grown into market leaders in the flatbread category since their launch in 2010. But the sector is undergoing a transformation. Although not yet at US levels, where wraps and tortillas outsell sliced white bread, NZ’s demand for wraps is exploding. The action has brought in a vast number of competitors, sparking Farrah’s to conduct a major brand review with Brother Design (Brotherdesign.co.nz). The result is a whole new look and strategic approach, evident in the packaging, in-store presence and communications.

The pack design, in particular, breaks new ground. Debbie Hyde, Design Director at Brother, believes it to be unique. “We needed the design to not just stand out, but actively encourage purchase”, says Hyde. “The aim is to inspire people. Give them the confidence to use the wraps a little more adventurously. So the delicious-looking photography is almost a recipe: you can see what to do at a glance. And the design uses a clear window to show the actual wrap under the photography, making fantastic results seem that much closer.”

It’s this latter feature, blending the real with the photographic inspiration, that is unique according to Hyde. “We haven’t seen it before, certainly not in this category and not to the standard we’ve achieved.”

With Farrah’s in a leadership position, undertaking any radical change might be seen as risky.

But market dynamics made it the right time to make a move, as Jenny McMillan, Business Development Director at Brother, explains. “We’re all aware that, as market leader, the conventional wisdom is ‘don’t rock the boat’.  But the boat in this instance was already being rocked, as so many competitors clambered in and started charging about with launches, derivatives and me-too range extensions”, says McMillan. “So we decided to seize the initiative and shake up the segment ourselves. We moved the game on in terms of look, feel and pack function with bold colours, a unique pack design and inspirational photography.”

The new design has already proven a hit.

James Wigley, National Marketing Manager for Farrah’s, was confident they had the mix right. “We knew we had a great new look and were confident that it would be well received”, says Wigley. “But the endorsements and compliments have been immediate and whole-hearted. Feedback is that our new look is transformational, providing real differentiation from the competition.” Wigley is satisfied that the design delivers on the aim of inspiring consumers, too. “The packs are great at giving consumers ideas and attracting new users to the category– to ‘give wraps a go’. 

 Our sales and merchandising agency told us one retailer thought it would inspire their customers to buy and experiment with more premium ingredients. They love that idea, and it’s a real endorsement of the design nous of Brother and everyone in the wider project team.”