The Amcor ( Produce team took to the road last week in order to connect with customers and discuss ways to reduce food waste. “Maidstone, Lingfield Park, Peterborough and Edinburgh were the destinations we chose to get close to our customers in their local area in order to share some exciting news about Amcor P-Plus® tailored permeability films and NaturePlus Renewable PE” says James Beresford-Wylie, sales manager for the UK & Ireland.

James and Russell Granville, product development manager, reminded customers of our ability to partner with them throughout their complex supply chain – from ‘field to fork’ - tailoring our micro-perforation P-Plus® technology to the extend shelf life of their produce and reduce food waste in store.

Amcor shared four very recent case studies for different produce ranging from retail chilled strawberries to bulk Tenderstem® broccoli. Each case demonstrates the significant shelf-life gain and resulting reduction in food waste that P-Plus® can bring to fresh produce

In tandem, Amcor launched NaturePlus Renewable PE made from sugarcane to its customers. This new packaging solution is already reducing carbon footprint by 75% in the industrial Bakery arena. “We believe that there are tremendous opportunities in Produce to build a sustainable future together with this Carbon Trust validated solution” says Russell Granville.

Some very seasoned speakers shared their experience with Amcor’s customers during the roadshow. Dick Searle, CEO of The Packaging Federation kicked off the event in Maidstone & Lingfield Park with a passionate focus on the pressing global need to reduce food waste and the Federation’s ‘Fresher for Longer’ campaign. Paul Jenkins & Barry Pamplin of The PackHub accompanied Amcor across the UK and fascinated the audience with customer insights and their 6 key packaging trends. Iain Ferguson, Environment Manager for The Co-operative Food explained that the trend to convenience stores is increasing the need for packaging solutions like Amcor P-Plus® that can extend shelf-life and reduce in-store waste. “The Co-operative Food today is very keen to work with suppliers that can demonstrate support for this crucial agenda. Gone are the days when we focus on price alone” says Iain Ferguson, “we understand the overall value that technologies such as Amcor P-Plus® bring to the produce supply chain and the environment”.

 So how did Amcor’s customers react to the roadshow event? Attendees really appreciated the Amcor Produce team coming to their door and are keen to explore now concrete opportunities to extend shelf life together across the supply chain.