Halfpops, the innovative, crunchy half-popped popcorn snack, is expanding its line-up with three new flavor offerings, as well as rolling out refreshed product packaging and increased distribution. Now hitting store shelves, the three new flavors – Angry Kettle Corn, Black Truffle & Sea Salt, and Brooklyn Dill Pickle – join Halfpops' four existing delicious flavors and feature bold and vibrant packaging, in a tall, sleeker format that's perfect for on-the-go snacking. Plus, with significant increased distribution in the works, Halfpops fans will have easier access to all seven addictive flavors.

"2015 was a major growth year for Halfpops, and our year-to-date sales are up +86%. It's been a fun ride since launching in 2011; we've gone from being a regional brand in the Pacific Northwest with two items to becoming a national brand with seven flavors in 2016," says Mike Fitzgerald, founder of Halfpops. "We spent the majority of last year listening to consumers, identifying what new flavors they wanted and understanding how they were enjoying the product; we think we came up with some great packaging upgrades and some new flavor winners - there is something for everyone now, whether you're looking for classic, sweet, savory, spicy or some combination of those."

The food startup darling disrupted the popcorn category in 2011 when it launched its perfectly half-popped popcorn snack, and with a satisfying flavor and amazing crunch, the unique snack has scored high marks among food critics and consumers alike. Halfpops was a welcome product for those who dug to the bottom of the bag to find those glorious partially-popped gems, and now snack fans everywhere are savoring this popped-to-perfection treat.

With Halfpops continuing to quickly gain ground, breaking milestones include:

Three New Intriguing Flavors – Boasting the signature Halfpops' crunch, the new flavor varieties start with non-GMO popcorn that is perfectly half-popped and precisely seasoned with natural flavors. All three new flavors have only 130 calories per serving and contain zero trans-fat, making for a smart snacking choice. As with Halfpops' entire product line, they are free of preservatives, corn syrup, and hydrogenated oils and are completely gluten- and nut-free.

Angry Kettle Corn – Featuring a twist on the sweet Kettle Corn popcorn classic, Halfpops added new spices for a hint of heat. This perfect blend of sweet and heat gives you the memorable flavor you know and love with an intriguing angry kick.

Black Truffle & Sea Salt – This gourmet flavor is seasoned with black truffle, sea salt, onion, garlic and spices, making for a fancy treat with a satisfying crunch.
Brooklyn Dill Pickle – Featuring Halfpops' moniker crunch, the brand's low-sodium offering is small on salt and huge on flavor. Brooklyn Dill Pickle provides everyone's favorite pickle taste with the kicked up flavor of vinegar, sea salt, garlic, onion and dill weed.

Upgraded Packaging – Halfpops has parted ways with its original white packaging and has opted for a bold, statement-making appearance. The updated packaging features vibrant colors and playful text that is definitely worth a read. In addition, the bags are taller and slimmer, ensuring they pop off the shelf and into your hands. The brand's voice is following suit, using punchy and humorous language on packaging and online.

Increased Distribution – Halfpops' footprint has expanded exponentially over the last year, and the product line-up is now available in 2,500 grocery chains, specialty markets and convenience stores across the country.