Erin’s Popcorn, announced the debut of the most decadent popcorn ever, Erin’s Churro flavored Popcorn. Erin’s Churro Popcorn is sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon and is truly a “hands-on” dessert. Erin’s Churro Popcorn is made with simple ingredients and only uses premium white corn for popping crunch. The Churro Popcorn has an ethnic and on trend bold flavor profile; and is gluten-free, and like the rest of the line, is made with whole grains and popped from specially grown white premium corn that is hand crafted in small batches.

Additionally, Erin’s Popcorn line has undergone an exciting package redesign that offers an innovative bold look that highlights important product information. The new package design now has easy-to-read product and nutritional information on every bag. The new bags highlight: the Gluten-Free claim; the Whole Grain seal certification by the Whole Grain Council; Erin’s clean, simple ingredients; a calories per cup feature; and important “facts up front” nutritional panels. Not to mention, highlighting the premium white corn that sets Erin’s apart from its competition.

Ready-to-eat popcorn has become the go-to snack for fans of all ages, and is the fastest growing segment in the salty snack category.

The diverse array of Erin’s Popcorn products are making waves with a variety of flavors such as Original, Reduced Sodium, White Cheddar Popcorn and Jalapeno White Cheddar as well as the robust and decadent new ethnic flavor, Churro popcorn. The Erin’s line of products are all gluten-free, have whole grains and are made with simple ingredients. The Original and Reduced Sodium Popcorn also offer a good source of fiber and offer a better for you option. 

“Popcorn is a Better for You Snack, both filling and delicious,” says Jeff Leichleiter, vice president and general manager of Tim’s Cascade Snacks. “Our new product and packaging reflects the current trend of eating simple, clean, BFY foods, as well as offering a range of flavor options that align with several consumer trends. The new Churro popcorn is a sweet and savory option that can serve as a snack or a dessert; and we are confident it will fly off shelves.”