Good Earth Teas, Inc., maker of bold herbal tea fusions, today announced a re-launch of the brand, complete with whimsical new product names, revamped fusions and an attention-grabbing new look and feel. The metamorphosis comes at a time of high competition in the packaged tea market, where the brand recognized an opportunity to differentiate itself from the sea of sameness among herbal tea brands. Built around Good Earth’s “Tea Untamed™” mantra, all aspects of the brand now embody the belief that tea is potent and powerful and, like life, should be explored and experienced.

The re-launch embraces Good Earth’s rich blending history while looking toward an exciting future in which tea breaks conventional boundaries to become part of a lifestyle full of endless possibilities.

 Fans of Good Earth Tea will find that many of their favorite flavors are still available, but they have been made over with new names, new packaging and supercharged taste. The revolution was first hinted at in early 2013 with the introduction of two completely new flavors: chocolate and chili-flavored Cocoa Tango™and the intriguingly tart and sweet Sweetly Twisted™fusions. The brand’s signature Sweet & Spicy®remains the same, but other flavors boast playful new names like Citrus Kiss™, Wild Chaild™and Matcha Maker™. In addition to their outside makeovers, the fusions have been remixed to enhance the flavors and increase the intensity of each tantalizing combination – all without any artificial ingredients.

 “Good Earth Teas are so unique and flavorful that we wanted the packaging and names of the blends to better reflect what is on the inside,” says Anna Corini, Marketing Executive, Good Earth. “There is a real difference between drinking tea and drinking Good Earth – and we want people to experience the untamed nature of our fusions on all sensory levels, from their first view of our packaging to the aromas and with each and every sip of these unparalleled teas.”

 The transformation is visible in all Good Earth assets, including a redesigned website that reflects the brand’s new dynamic personality and playful attitude. To personalize the online experience, the site features interactive elements like the “Mix Master,” where visitors can test out combinations of different Good Earth flavors to see how they work together. A new “Flavor Me This” app and sweepstakes on the brand’s Facebook page presents a quiz that matches users up with a Good Earth fusion, depending on their answers to questions about their style and personality traits.

  The re-launch will also focus on speaking to a new audience that the brand feels will embrace its quirky personality. A campaign focused on “Untaming the Tea Occasion” will utilize celebrity partnerships and social media tactics to present actionable tips and new ideas for bringing tea into dynamic, modern, social situations. An Internet media tour and Twitter party in November with celebrity lifestyle expert, Jamie Krell will center on creative ways to incorporate the tea-drinking experience and Good Earth’s unique fusions into gatherings of girlfriends, bringing the new brand personality to life.