Halo Top Creamery, the first 100% natural, light ice cream brand, is pleased to announce the release of three new flavor additions – Mint Chip, Chocolate Mocha Chip and Birthday Cake — to its family of better-for-you, non-GMO ice creams.

Like all of Halo Top’s ice cream products, these three new flavors are low in calories and sugar, high in protein and fiber and completely free of gluten, trans fat and gelatin (making them all vegetarian-friendly). They also contain no corn syrup, no artificial sweeteners and no synthetic growth hormones.

Product Descriptions:
Mint Chip: Made with natural mint and delicious chocolate chips. (240 Calories/Pint)
Chocolate Mocha Chip: Delicious mocha paired with decadent white chocolate chips. (280 Calories/Pint)
Birthday Cake: Filled with rainbow-colored sprinkles. (280 Calories/Pint)

Beyond Halo Top’s emphasis on keeping the product low in calories and all-natural, this brand brings high-quality decadence to a whole new level. Halo Top ice cream is lovingly-crafted with premium ingredients to make the taste absolutely heavenly.

“Given the lack of truly all-natural, low-calorie ice creams in the marketplace, we’re constantly being asked by our customers for more flavor options,” says Halo Top founder Justin Woolverton. “Expanding our flavor profile will allow our brand to grow and compete with conventional ice cream brands that cannot begin to match us on nutrition.”

With the addition of these three new flavors, Halo Top is now available in Mint Chip, Chocolate Mocha Chip, Birthday Cake, Lemon Cake, Vanilla Bean, Strawberry and its award-winning Chocolate varieties. Halo Top Creamery is available at select natural food markets across the country for $4.99 to $5.99 per pint. For more information please visit: www.halotop.com.