Sprout Foods Inc., the manufacturer of the first organic baby food in a pouch, introduces Sprout Organic SMASH™, a pureed squeezable pouch snack for kids just in time for back-to-school. As part of Sprout's commitment to nutrition for the entire family, SMASH provides wholesome nutritional benefits for kids 6-12 while leveraging the same convenient twist-off and re-sealable pouches Sprout is known for.

"Millennial moms are seeking healthy, organic snacking options for their children, and are currently limited in their wholesome, organic options," says Rick Klauser, Sprout CEO. "SMASH is reinventing the category. Most squeezable snacks are apple-based and many contain sugars, concentrates, fillers, and artificial ingredients. SMASH is organic, made with non-GMO ingredients and include a variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. We provide the nutrition and convenience that Moms are looking for while offering great-tasting flavors in a fun squeezable pouch that kids will love."

Sprout Organic SMASH™ comes in a box of four individual 3.2-ounce easy-serve pouches and is available in two unique blends that offer broad flavor variety and nutritional benefits.

Fruit & Super Grain:
• Amazin' Apple Raisin
• Tropical Twist
Made with whole fruits and super grains like oats, quinoa, and buckwheat. Each pouch provides 3 grams of fiber per serving for a hearty and filling snack.

Fruit & Veggie:
• Berry Blast
• Very Banana Berry

Made with whole fruits and vegetables and are a good source of vitamins A and C.

"We know that it's not always easy getting kids to eat their vegetables," says Sunita Adams, Sprout VP of marketing. "Our fruit and vegetable varieties contain 25% whole vegetables per pouch! Kids love the naturally sweet fruit flavors and Moms feel good knowing that their kids are eating a healthy snack made from real, honest and pure ingredients. SMASH is perfect in the lunchbox or backpack of kids who are on-the-go."

To reinforce their commitment to transparency in labeling and ingredients, Sprout has added an honesty pledge to their packaging.

Sunita Adams continues, "We want consumers to know exactly what they are getting when they choose Sprout products. We make it easy for parents to see and understand the variety of pure ingredients we use in our recipes by listing the percentages of whole fruits, vegetables, and grains that go into the product."
The launch of SMASH follows Sprout's recent 15-item baby and toddler food line expansion and advances Sprout's position as the lifetime organic journey brand that Moms choose for wholesome, all-family nutrition.

SMASH hit select retailers' shelves mid-August and is available on Amazon.com.