NOVA Chemicals Corp. ( today announced that it has developed a versatile all-polyethylene (PE) multi-layer structure design for use in the popular stand-up pouch package format. The structure is compatible with #2 HDPE recycling streams, while retaining the performance, processability and cost-competitiveness of existing mixed-material structures.

The new multi-layer PE film offers several benefits:

  • Exceptional moisture barrier performance
  • Runs on standard lines without productivity loss
  • Can be co-extruded or PE-PE laminated for surface or reverse printing
  • Compatible with reclosable zippers and other open/close fitments

Film customers can work with NOVA Chemicals experts at the Centre for Performance Applications to optimize this structure for their processing capabilities and their customers’ pouch requirements such as oxygen- and moisture-barrier performance or abuse resistance.

“Every application is unique. We can collaborate with converters to make a structure that works well on their equipment and has the performance characteristics their customers desire,” says Rob Clare, applications development specialist, NOVA Chemicals. “This structure makes stand-up pouch packaging easily recyclable with no loss of performance or added cost.”

The stand-up pouch is a very popular and fast growing package type. It is used for a wide variety of applications including dry foods, frozen foods, liquids, confectionery, pet foods and non-food items. However, most existing stand-up pouch packaging is made from mixed materials and therefore cannot be easily recycled.

“The stand-up pouch design was first conceived as a more sustainable replacement to glass and other rigid containers,” says Mike Cappelli, food packaging market manager, NOVA Chemicals Polyethylene Business. “A recyclable pouch is the next frontier in sustainability for this popular packaging. We’re thrilled to introduce this solution to our film customers and give them new sustainable options to share with their pouch customers.”