Diamond of California, the century-old producer of “Made for Homemade” recipe nuts, has launched a brand new product logo and package design. The largest update in over 100 years, the brand is now showcasing a fresh, modern look, featuring its recipe nuts in a bold red packaging adorned with captivating facts about the history of the company, origins of its family-owned nut farms, and classic recipes for homemade meals. With an added bit of color and playful messaging, Diamond of California is updating its look for a more contemporary aesthetic.

“We’re thrilled to introduce a redesign of our packaging and logo that conveys a more modern, updated look to appeal to our consumer today.” says CEO Gary Ford. “The new design, while a bold departure from our old, still showcases our pride in the roots of our company. As we always like to remind people, behind Diamond of California, is a collective of farmers who have been proudly growing for generations. This bag is not only an opportunity to present a new look, but also to emphasize our partnership with many family-owned farms who are responsible for bringing us quality nuts time and again.”

Diamond of California’s “Made For Homemade” tagline serves as ultimate inspiration for the new design. With each section that’s highlighted on the back of every bag, the brand centers its product as the ideal ingredient for everyone’s next home-cooked meal. This new and thoughtful packaging includes the company’s mission of delivering quality ingredients, a classic recipe listed for everyday cooking, tips on properly storing the nuts for maximum freshness, and a special tribute to some of the families that have grown its recipe nuts for generations. With these new updates, Diamond of California connects with its consumers by recounting the story of where their food is coming from and what it can be made to be.

The new bags will be used for Diamond of California’s numerous varieties, from whole or chopped to sliced or slivered. This includes shelled walnuts, pecans, almonds, hazelnuts, macadamias, pine nuts, and more. The company also launched its first-ever Heirloom Reserve line, a selection of harder to find nut varieties that boast mature flavor and a distinct look.