Budpack (budpack.com) has designed a new line of flexible pouches for the marijuana industry made with FDA compliant food-grade material with closure systems that protect children from accidental ingestion. The pouches also block odors.

Cannabis users can say goodbye to plastic baggies. Budpack containers offer lightweight, portable and cost-effective benefits of its ubiquitous predecessor but with more advanced features. They can be custom printed with eye-popping graphics and heat sealed with tamper-evidence features. 

Pouches come in sleek forms that are not as bulky as bottles and jars, and they are more versatile. Budpack works well for containing flowers, extracts, edibles and topicals, making it a single-line solution for a wide variety of cannabis product types.

Flexible pouches hold a lot of product with very little waste. Compared to tin or glass options, pouches weigh less and require less energy to manufacture, both of which create cost savings. Shipping and storage space are also reduced, as is the area needed in landfills at the end of life.

For a young industry where the only constant is change, Budpack symbolizes the evolution that’s taking cannabis from the back room to the showroom.