Shoppers will be looking to discover new seasonal citrus favorites for an extra boost of vitamin C this winter. Frieda’s will be offering new grab-n-go citrus pouches for two new items this year: mandarinquats and lemonade lemons.

“Our data shows that the Frieda’s brand means something to shoppers and helps to get them over the hump of trying a something new,” said Cindy Sherman, director of marketing and innovation at Frieda’s. “Because some of these items can be intimidating, we like to help them get ideas on how to enjoy our products. Using our packaging to educate makes it easy and convenient for shoppers.”

For instance, mandarinquats are a hybrid of two favorites — mandarins and kumquats — and Frieda’s encourages shoppers to use these small fruits to add a punch of citrus flavor to any dish. Frieda’s lemonade lemons are delightfully sweet, so the brand recommends eating them as is, peel and all, or adding them to your favorite drinks.

Information can be found on Frieda’s branded citrus packaging, which offers convenience, ease of merchandising and low shrink. With one-third of all consumers making their purchasing decisions based on packaging1, Frieda’s wants to ensure that retailers have the best opportunity to grow their incremental winter citrus sales.

All new items will be available in January.