American Licorice Company needed a resealable package to help customers keep their Red Vines fresh. So, the company turned to Signature Flexible Packaging. “Peel and reseal technology has quickly become second-nature to customers,” says Adrian Backer, vice president and general manager of Signature. “Many companies are moving toward that type of package to keep customers satisfied and stay competitive.”

However, peel and reseal pouches can have issues. “If the opening is die cut, it's often a sloppy tear when you tear off the header. That bothers people. We knew we needed laser scoring to be able to offer an easy tear,” Backer says. “We needed to make sure that we selected the right company and machine to provide the best peel and reseal packaging to our clients.”

Signature had been outsourcing die cutting operations, but wanted to bring impressions in house with the move to laser scoring. It anticipated this move would help save time, money and space with Just-In-Time manufacturing. The company began its search for laser technology to deliver quality peel and reseal packages to its clients. 


Versatile Peel and Reseal Technology

The solution was PrimePeel from FlexPak, a partner of Signature’s. “We’ve always been very happy with FlexPak’s solutions and services,” Backer says. “We were excited when we discovered FlexPak's proprietary PrimePeel technology.”

PrimePeel technology uses a pressure-sensitive adhesive label in combination with laser scoring, which made it stand out as the perfect solution to provide Red Vines’ customers with the freshness they want.

Additionally, according to Backer, “We love that FlexPak’s laser-based processes allow for dynamic ways to protect our clients’ products. It gives us incredible flexibility that other technologies just can’t offer.”

While Signature was hopeful it had found the perfect peel and reseal solution, it needed to be sure. To test the technology, Signature hired FlexPak to use PrimePeel technology on Red Vines.

The results of the trial indicated complete satisfaction. “FlexPak is incredibly fast at making impressions and shipping back the materials,” Backer shares. “And the quality that PrimePeel delivers is fantastic.”

Since FlexPak offers clients the opportunity to buy a license for PrimePeel technology, Signature did just that, and has since reaped the benefits.


A Solution that Opens More Opportunities

Since vertically integrating PrimePeel, Signature can use PrimePeel technology on-demand. “With PrimePeel, we have the laser technology that we wanted,” Backer says. “We’re helping our customers preserve food and save money with ease and convenience.”

Other benefits include a reliable opening experience. Signature now offers easy-open packaging and peel and reseal technology, all in one solution. “Our clients can provide their customers with a better peel and reseal package experience because we’re using PrimePeel,” Backer says. Expanding on what helps provide that better experience, JC Tinoco, general manager at FlexPak says, “PrimePeel’s unique adhesive creates tight seals for freshness but still allows for multiple openings and closings.”

By bringing the operation in-house, Signature mitigates risk and doesn’t have to worry about shipping delays or costs. But those aren’t the only savings that Signature could realize. Tinoco explains, “Our customers realize significant cost savings because PrimePeel is so versatile and can help with many different packaging solutions. We’re seeing customers accomplish four times the production volume because of its flexibility.”

Says Backer, “With PrimePeel, we can create openings for trays, flow wraps, and stand-up pouches all with one machine. We love that PrimePeel offers us versatility.”

The PrimePeel solution has enabled Signature to eliminate two weeks from the production timeline by bringing impressions in-house. Signature’s clients are excited that Signature has vertically integrated the process because it can now offer Just-In-Time manufacturing. With Signature making impressions as they’re needed, Backer says, “The process is a lot smoother and faster for our clients now that we have PrimePeel.”

“Signature can provide the peel and reseal packaging solutions its clients want without the usual time and cost investment that a change in packaging normally requires. The value of PrimePeel is that it offers a very simple reclosable that doesn’t require any serious investment on the client’s part,” Backer says. “American Licorice Company gets the packaging it wants without needing to change the design on Red Vines’ packaging because we use PrimePeel.”

“Companies are constantly evaluating reclosable features, and having PrimePeel technology gives us additional flexible packaging offerings for our customers,” Backer says.

Looking toward the future, Signature anticipates more good things to come. “PrimePeel helps us open up so many opportunities,” Backer says. “The versatility of the machine means that we can take on additional flexible packaging projects and micro perforating without needing to invest in other machinery.”