At Global Pouch Forum 2022, Juan Gluth, CEO of GoodBelly by NextFoods, Inc., shares how the probiotic brand’s integration of flexible packaging to its product line increases consumer convenience and ultimately helps drive growth and product innovation for the brand.

In this podcast, we go beyond flexible, with Gluth outlining how packaging was used to evolve the entire GoodBelly product line.

Gluth explains, “In my opinion being clear, transparent and approachable will deliver trust and credibility to the consumer. Our research shows that ½ of Shots consumers make purchasing decisions at the shelf or as they’re shopping online, so it’s important that we’re effectively communicating this line of messaging on the front of the package.”

Some key redesign elements include:

Adding functional benefit callout: The brand’s No Sugar Added Probiotic Shots have been renamed as Digestion Shots, and the Vitamins + Calcium Shots have been renamed as Digestion + Wellness Shots Highlighting the number of probiotics: All GoodBelly drinks and shots contain Lactobacillus Plantarum 299v (LP299V®), which has been scientifically shown to help establish intestinal balance and can support overall digestive health when consumed daily, so highlighting the probiotics inside each shot strongly differentiate this leading probiotic producer. 

Flavor callout. GoodBelly’s research also showed that flavor plays a large role in driving purchasing decisions, even more than claims, price or other factors. The new packaging includes a clearer flavor callout at the top of the package.

Same great taste. GoodBelly is known for offering probiotics that taste delicious. No formulation or flavor changes were made to the Shots, rather, an optimization of packaging to better attract shopper attention and drive purchase decisions.