The holidays are here, which means consumers are purchasing everything from gift baskets to holiday meal ingredients online. With e-commerce sales predicted to be at an all-time high this holiday season, and online grocery orders expected to increase at least 50 percent, transporting products in a safe and efficient way is more important than ever.

To ensure product quality and safety during the shipping process, packaging materials need to be able to handle the various touchpoints of e-commerce sales. Food and beverage brand owners in particular need to both prepare for the increased e-commerce order activity and ensure they are using the latest packaging innovations, such as flexible plastic packaging, that allow for the safe and secure delivery of goods.

Food safety in e-commerce transactions is another important factor brand owners should consider when choosing their packaging options during the holidays. Over the past several decades, plastic packaging has evolved to maintain the quality and freshness of food and beverages during shipping. For example, improved barrier properties, such as adhesives, provide additional protection against oxygen and moisture, helping to keep ingredients from spoiling too quickly.

As food and beverage brand owners prepare for the uptick in e-commerce sales this holiday season, there are several things they should consider for a successful delivery of their products:

Consider the Touchpoints

Recognize the number of e-commerce touchpoints, and use packaging that stands up to the increased durability, protection and high-performance sealant demands of the e-commerce market.

Take Time to Reassess

Stay committed to the demands of today’s online grocery shopper and take the time to evaluate product packaging. Online grocery ordering will continue to increase in the coming years, so it’s important to stay nimble in order to respond to shifting demands.

Innovate, Innovate, Innovate

Make sure to consider advancements in barrier technology, which can lead to an extended shelf life for fresh and snack food products in addition to greener business practices. For example, Dow’s RecycleReady Technology ( enables the recyclability of polyethylene-based barrier packaging as part of existing grocery store drop-off recycling programs, and keeps fresh food and snack food fresh for longer periods of time.