Doggie Water Inc. ( has officially announced the launch of the inaugural product under its new DoggieWater brand name, a line of energy waters for dogs, packaged in portable, earth-friendly, re-sealable pouches. DoggieWater will begin shipment of its first product – “Beef” flavored DoggieWater – during the holiday season, in December 2015, with subsequent roll-out of three more “flavored” waters: Chicken, Bacon and a “Natural Flavor” water. The company will also, upon launch, introduce its club-based membership business model, DoggieWater CLUB, consisting of automatic monthly delivery of DoggieWater and additional club member benefits.

DoggieWater is a canine diet supplement in liquid form, meant to properly hydrate and bolster the nutritional intake of dogs via its added vitamins and electrolytes, including: Vitamins B1 and B2 (metabolism), B5 (metabolism, biosynthesis), B6 (anti-fatigue and pro-appetite), and B12 (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency); Niacin (anti-pellagra); Folic Acid (folate deficiency); Biotin (anti-allergen and skin health); Glucosamine (anti-inflammatory, important for joint and muscle health); and Omega 3 (primarily for skin and coat health).

“On the average, a healthy dog should drink about one-half to one ounce of water per pound of body weight, per day. Many of us under-hydrate our dogs, and quite often our pets’ diets are also lacking all of the nutrients required to keep them as healthy as possible,” says Robert Whyte, CEO and co-founder of DoggieWater.

Whyte, along with his wife and DoggieWater’s other co-founder, Stacy Whyte, decided to embark on the dog vitamin water journey while watching professional athletes playing hard, and simultaneously taking note of the proliferation of “human” vitamin waters and energy drinks meant to replenish “people”.

Whyte says, “I turned to Stacy and said, ‘there should be a product like this for dogs…they also need vitamins and electrolytes...they play even harder than we do, most of the time. And water alone, might not be fulfilling their replenishment requirements’.”

The Whytes have an existing beverage business with products packaged in patented, eco-friendly pouches. DoggieWater’s packaging will utilize the same technology as the “human” beverages: travel-friendly flex pouches that are lightweight and sport a compact profile, ideal for space-saving storage and shipment. The pouches’ eco-friendly design allows them to carry about an 80% lower carbon footprint than other packaging, and they create 90% less landfill waste as compared to other packaging containing equal amounts of liquid. DoggieWater’s drink packaging will also be 100% BPA-free.

Single DoggieWater pouches will hold one liter of fluid; each suggested serving size is six ounces, which can be served straight or mixed with regular drinking water. DoggieWater’s ‘green’, grab-and-go packaging – and the product’s main purpose – is geared towards eco-minded people and pets on-the-go, traveling with dogs, outdoor recreation, as well as everyday nutritional supplement needs.

DoggieWater’s central business model is a club membership format, DoggieWater CLUB, consisting of convenient, automatic monthly shipment of DoggieWater to members. Club membership also awards members with a regular newsletter covering pet health topics, special discounts on other pet products, and a referral program: every referral that joins the CLUB earns the initial member a savings of 10%, for the lifetime of their membership.

Stacy Whyte says, “We know how seriously dehydration can negatively affect our health, our children’s health. Why wouldn’t you want to further ensure that your best friend’s optimal hydration levels are also met?”

DoggieWater will initially be available for sale on-line, through the company’s web site, and a portion of all DoggieWater sales will be donated to Best Friends Animal Society.