Taza Agua, Costa Rica's leading supplier of safe premium water, made a splash heard in coffee connoisseur circles with the launch of their innovative new premium water-and-coffee hybrid product: Taza Azul Blue Zone Coffee.

Following the launch of their ground-breaking new design for a water bottle / single-serve pod hybrid in early February, Taza Agua now offers the perfect pairing for its cup-in-water system. “Taza Azul” (meaning “blue cup” in Spanish) is a unique 2-in-1 system pairing two of the region’s biggest secrets to longevity: exquisite hand-picked coffee beans and fresh, untouched local spring water.

Taza Azul’s special blend of Taza Agua Blue Zone Coffee will be available exclusively with Taza Agua water. These two authentic Costa Rica products come conveniently bundled in a single proprietary package which includes a single-serve pod of Taza Azul coffee inside a bottle of Taza Agua. It is their goal to guarantee the world’s finest beverage pairing experience - every time. 

Blue Zone Buzz

The international beverage industry has turned their eyes to Costa Rica at the moment. In January 2017, Chanel made waves by sourcing raw coffee beans from Costa Rica’s Blue Zone Nicoya Peninsula for its new anti-aging Blue Serum. The move drew a flood of interest from the global beverage industry to the potential power of the Nicoya green coffee bean.   

The world’s five known Blue Zones have long fascinated scientists, as residents of these regions frequently live to be over 100 years old. Company co-founder Francini Retana says, "I've witnessed the incredible power of this magnificent 100% natural Blue Zone region in my own family. Born and raised here, the only time my great-grandfather saw a medical doctor was when he died at the age of 105. People have been talking about the potency of the Blue Zone area for generations and we are proud to further develop a great tradition with our supreme and pristine water, and delectable coffee products.”

A Match Made in Paradise: Costa Rica Volcanic Water + Blue Zone Coffee

Taza Azul Blue Zone Coffee is a special blend of Costa Rican coffee loaded with a richness of flavor and antioxidants not found anywhere else in the world. Water sourced by Taza Agua  is the perfect balance of calcium and magnesium, with an ideal Ph level, which are all potently beneficial effects on the flavor profile of brewed coffee. Taza Agua offers consumers the same combination of natural Costa Rican volcanic spring water and coffee which the locals have been drinking for centuries.

Since 2016, Taza Agua has been distributing the world’s first bottled water specifically designed for making coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Taza Azul Blue Zone Coffee, with beans lovingly picked by hand, is the choice beverage of health-conscious consumers who wish to enjoy a healthy world-class coffee drinking experience - in every cup.