Nestlé® Pure Life® Purified Water is making water more fun for parents and their kids with the introduction of Nestlé Pure Life Fruity Water, a new, refreshing flavored water collection.

Fruity Water is 100% pure quality water with a touch of natural fruit flavors and electrolytes for taste. Fruity Water is a product parents will love with zero sugar, sweeteners, preservatives or artificial colors. And their kids will love the flavors and packaging designed with them in mind.

Fruity Water is packaged in the first Tetra Pak® carton with a paper straw in the U.S. and it is sold in packs of 8, 24 and 32. The packaging is vibrantly colored and features sassy fruit characters. The product comes in three kid-friendly flavor varieties – Apple, Watermelon and Tropical Twist – making it an exciting and flavorful hydration option for kids.

Fruity Water is available nationwide through e-commerce sites such as and, as well as in retail stores such as Walmart and various supermarkets.