Ice Age Glacial Water is a new ultra-pure still bottled water from British Columbia that is untouched since the last Ice Age. The brand is being introduced to select U.S. markets including California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and Texas. 

The water is collected as it naturally melts and flows from the edges of the towering, ancient glaciers in the Toba Inlet deep in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia.

The water is sodium-, fluoride-, chlorine- and nitrate-free, and is bottled and packaged using the latest technology to improve efficiency and reduce the company's environmental footprint, with the goal of reaching zero waste to landfill and sourcing packaging materials from renewable, recycled and sustainable sources.

Ice Age 9.5 is also available, which infuses the pure glacial water with electrolytes for a higher pH of 9.5, increased hydration and replenishment. Ice Age Glacial Water and Ice Age 9.5 are available in 750 ml glass bottles and BPA-free plastic in 350 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml and 1L.