The coffee brand that started a revolution by telling consumers to add fat to their coffee is now adding fat to water. FATwater is Bulletproof’s revamped bottled water solution for avid water drinkers who crave a mental refreshment. FATwater is a combination of deionized water, Brain Octane Oil (the fat), and B Vitamins, designed to provide hydration and fast energy without the added sugars often found in energy and sports drinks.

FATwater is now available online, and comes in three flavors: grapefruit, lemon and pineapple, with plans for additional flavors in the future. Each 16-ounce bottle comes in shrink-wrap packaging to keep the nutrients and water fresh.

Aligned with Bulletproof’s mantra to choose good fats over sugar for energy (aka the ketogenic diet), FATwater stands out against other enhanced waters in the space containing absolutely no sugar, only 15 calories and relying solely on Brain Octane Oil as an energy booster.