Editor's view: Pouches of pureed fruit aren't just for babies and toddlers anymore. Will this trend continue into adulthood for consumers? Share your thoughts below.

New DOLE® Fruitocracy® is a great way to squeeze more fruit into school meal plans. Delivering natural squeezable fruit in easy-serve pouches, DOLE Fruitocracy appeals to all ages.

Each 4.8- ounce eye-catching, user-friendly pouch provides a ½ cup serving of fruit for USDA Child Nutrition Programs. Each 3.2-ounce pouch supplies ¼ cup of fruit and meets Smart Snacks in School requirements. Tasty fruit, vibrant packaging and messaging appeal to youthful consumers, giving them a fruit snack with options that fit individual preferences.

Foodservice directors, healthcare professionals and parents will like the value-added benefits of DOLE Fruitocracy. Made from natural fruit, Fruitocracy is gluten-free and contains no refined sugar, no high-fructose corn syrup, no genetically modified (or engineered) ingredients and no artificial flavors. The bright, attractive BPA-fee packaging calls out the flavors with colorful fruit icons: Apple, Apple Banana and Apple Pineapple in 4.8 oz pouches; and Apple Strawberry, Apple, and Apple Mixed Berry in 3.2 oz pouches.

As a convenient, grab-and-go snack for kids, tweens and teens, or an easy, healthy fruit snack for adults, DOLE Fruitocracy is ready to enjoy – with no refrigeration, no mess, no prep and no utensils needed.