Your packaging may be more important to your company’s success than you know. In addition to attracting consumers’ attention and protecting your products, it also can have a significant impact on your operating costs.

Why? Because many businesses don’t put as much thought into streamlining their packaging as they put into improving production. They may invest a lot of time and effort into making the latter more efficient and cost-effective, but put relatively little thought into how they package those products. As a result, they may be spending more money than necessary. Fortunately, there are several adjustments you can make to ensure your company doesn’t fall into this trap.

For example, switching to digital printing can save a substantial amount of money compared to traditional methods. This is because short-to-medium runs are more affordable for certain product lines, which limits excess or obsolete packaging inventory.

A package redesign also allows you to benefit from advanced printing techniques that reduce material costs. Certain printers have the ability to print labels directly onto bottles, for instance. Or changing the bottle's shape could allow more of them to fit into a carton or onto a pallet for greater efficiency. 

Your packaging does more than enable your product to stand out on shelves. For additional information about how you can trim overhead by rethinking your packaging, see the infographic below.

5 Ways to Reduce Packaging Costs provided by Nosco.