Country Archer Jerky Company recently rebranded its entire catalog of products and changed the name to Country Archer Provisions. It is a leading producer of real-ingredient jerky and meat sticks, targeted to busy parents, athletes and other on-the-go consumers. The brand refresh is not only representative of the brand’s evolution from jerky to other meat snack products, but also the category growth as a whole. The new name, brand packaging and identity was implemented to highlight the key elements that make the products stand out in the crowded meat-snack category, such as 100% grass fed and finished beef, gluten-free, MSG, nitrates and preservative free.

“We’re always striving to elevate our offerings with fresh innovation that meets the evolving needs of better-for-you shoppers, and our new ‘Zero Sugar’ line, was born from this commitment,” said co-founder and CEO of Country Archer, Eugene Kang. “Keto, low-carb and low-sugar specialty diets are surging in popularity, building higher demand for recognizable ingredients and sustainable proteins. When we realized there’s currently no zero-sugar, zero-soy, grass-fed beef jerky on the market, we knew we could develop a standout product to meet this incremental consumer.”


The new Country Archer Line of Beef Jerky was originally scheduled to debut in March at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was cancelled. New Hope Network, which produces the trade show, decided not to reschedule the event in Anaheim in 2020. This marks the first time in 40 years that New Hope Network will not host an annual natural and organic products show in Anaheim.

The decision forced Country Archer to completely rethink its marketing strategies.

The company pulled advertising dollars and instead, donates the funds to the Red Cross to support those impacted by the coronavirus crisis. Product was also donated to the Los Angeles Unified School District’s “grab and go” sites for the nearly 80% of children that rely on school for meals.


To develop the one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted recipes, Country Archer partnered with chef Will Horowitz to create a clean, yet gourmet snack that doesn’t compromise on flavor or texture. “Although I’m based in Manhattan, one of the epicenters of the culinary world, I find myself most at home and at peace in the mountains living sustainably. So, partnering with Country Archer — knowing we share the same values in sustainability, real ingredients and authentic food crafting — was a no-brainer,” said Horowitz. “It’s more than just creating a product. We focus on every step of the process. Throughout history, we’ve seen the beautiful way that different cultures apply their techniques to food and sometimes create something new and fresh as a result — that’s what we aimed to do here. I wanted to create unexpected flavor combinations that highlight natural authentic ingredients.”

The brand refresh includes the new name, Country Archer Provisions, and simplified new logo to better reflect the company’s driving mission of crafting real food to craft a better world and core values of real ingredients, sustainability and authenticity. The new packaging and brand ethos were developed with the Boulder, Colorado-based branding and strategy firm, Interact, to reflect the company’s commitment to responsible sourcing and sustainability. For example, the brand’s lead supplier in Australia reduced greenhouse gases by 20% in 2019, and Country Archer has also implemented initiatives in transportation to further cut emissions, like using ocean freight instead of air and trucks within the EPA Smartway Program.

The change to “Provisions” also reflects the brand’s commitment to scaling the portfolio of its thoughtfully sourced and hand-crafted meat snacks with innovation extending beyond traditional jerky into mini and full-size meat sticks. “Our brand has grown beyond focusing on meat jerky, and we wanted to create a new brand identity to better communicate the diversity of our portfolio and commitment to sustainability and real food,” continued Kang. “Plus, our new look will make it even easier for shoppers looking for clean ingredients to find Country Archer on shelf.”