STARBURST® announced the beloved All Pink pack will move from a limited-edition product to a permanent, national, everyday offering in stores nationwide. To celebrate, the brand created limited-edition STARBURST All Pink Self-Care Kits ahead of International Self-Care Day on July 24 to treat fans like a Pink STARBURST.

"Our Pink STARBURST has been a fan favorite flavor for years and has led to the viral 'I Am A Pink STARBURST' meme, which personifies feeling special and treating yourself, and others, accordingly," said Justin Hollyn-Taub, director, Fruit Snacks. "We're thrilled to make STARBURST All Pink a permanent offering in our brand portfolio to help ensure our fans feel as special as we think they are, every day of the year."

The STARBURST All Pink Self-Care Kits include everything needed to feel special, including a gratitude journal, succulent, yoga towel, jade roller, meditative coloring book, shower steamer, sleep mask, tumbler, and, of course, plenty of Pink STARBURST — all curated to treat yourself like the Pink STARBURST you are.

"We want to celebrate the positivity and empowering message All Pink has come to stand for over the years. We recognize that our day-to-day lives have changed quite a bit this year — and we want to use this as an opportunity to encourage our fans to practice self-care," added Hollyn-Taub.

This is not the first time the brand leaned into its beloved "I Am A Pink STARBURST" meme. In 2018, STARBURST launched an All Pink merchandise line that let fans show off their Pink STARBURST status quite literally on their sleeves.

Fans can find STARBURST All Pink at major retailers nationwide. Additionally, the STARBURST All Pink Self-Care Kits are available now at on a first come, first served basis, while supplies last.