A limited-edition Kit Kat flavor inspired by the motivation of Olympic gold, combined with a souvenir package that honors one of Japan’s most stunning geological sites, is giving consumers reason to be excited about the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, despite its delay to next year due to the coronavirus.

The Tokyo Banana Kit Kat Gold, Banana Caramel Flavor, is the result of a partnership between Nestlé and Tokyo Banana, a brand of cream-filled cakes that’s also ranked the No. 1 Japanese souvenir. Launched last year, the product has now returned in a special golden package shaped like Mt. Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan and second-highest volcano in Asia.

With its iconic pack design and combination of beloved flavors, the Mt. Fuji Tokyo Banana Kit Kat Gold is sure to make for a popular souvenir among travelers and locals alike. On sale until Sept. 7, the product can be purchased exclusively at the Tokyo Okashi Land confectionery store at Tokyo Station. Unfortunately for the rest of us, that's in Japan only...

However if you're seeking a new flavor, Kit Kat Apple Pie is available now in the U.S., another limited edition product.