Executives with The Hershey Co. spoke to investors during the company’s Q4 2018 earnings call, with notification that the transformation of Hershey’s packaged candy portfolio is on track and will start to hit shelves after Easter.

For 2019, “what I'm really excited about in our innovation plan is ... the chocolate packaged candy packaging reinvention, which is really a better package but the same product, which will drive shelf impact and usability,” said CEO Michele Gross Buck.

"Our Reese's Thins launch will be in this new improved packaging and is on track to hit shelves after Easter. This great-tasting product gives consumers another way to enjoy their favorite combination of chocolate and peanut butter, and it will be available in both milk and dark chocolate varieties," added Buck.

She also said that the new candy packaging will benefit many of Hershey's chocolate brands with better shelf impact and improved velocity.