When it comes to packaging, candy manufacturers value novelty over sustainability, according to a report by consulting firm Mintel. The report says eco-friendly candy packaging is up slightly, to 4% of all new launches in the first half of this year from 3% in the previous six months. But novelty packaging, such as packages that become toys after the product is consumed, seems to be a higher priority, especially among the many confectionery products aimed at children. Eco-friendly claims for confectionery packaging tend to be based on the use of recyclable or degradable material, as opposed to material reduction, the report says. Some environmental initiatives combine both considerations, such as the decision by the Wrigley unit of Mars to switch from foil to paper wrappers for most of its major gum brands. The Mintel report also said that 19% of North American consumers in its survey said they wanted to see gum and mints in more sustainable packaging.