Tropical Foods introduces a new line of packaging for some of their most popular snack mixes. The new stand-up resealable packaging has undergone a new design upgradewhile staying true to the bold flavors of the product. The new bags will better showcase the snack mix and provide a user-friendly packaging option.    

“We have upgraded our packaging by using cutting-edge design and packaging, while still delivering only the highest quality snack mixes,” says Chad Hartman, marketing director at Tropical Foods. “The new packaging offers our customers some of their favorite mixes with a fresh look, in a convenient resealable bag.”

 The flavors featured in the new packaging include a variety of bold, sweet and savory mixes. Sienna Cream Crunch and PB&J Mix will satisfy your sweet tooth while Sweet Heat and Cajun Harvest will give a kick of spice. Mango Tango is the perfect mix of savory and sweet, highlighted by coconut peanuts and sweet chili lime noodles. This new line joins the new look and bold flavors of one of Tropical’s most popular snack lines, Buffalo Nuts® ,peanuts with a kick of zesty buffalo wing flavor. Buffalo Nuts are available in the new packaging for all four flavors: Original Buffalo Nuts®, Buffalo Nuts® with Blue Cheese, Buffalo Nuts® with Ranch, and Honey Roasted Buffalo Nuts®.