Our Packages of the Year coverage includes some of the most innovative and unsurpassed new packages that have rolled onto store shelves. These packages incorporate new technology, design and user-friendly functionality. Some featured here are even award-winning. The Food and Beverage Packaging team put a call out for submissions for this coverage, so what you will see is a compilation of submitted products, award winners that were too innovative to ignore and some Editor’s picks that we felt deserved the title. Coverage includes packaging details, supplier company names and other interesting packaging morsels. Read on for the top packages of the year and get inspired by their creativity.

Bolthouse Farms Shakedowns: Emerald Packaging

The Bolthouse Farms Shakedowns package from Emerald Packaging Incorporation has changed the produce aisle by incorporating an interactive package. The 2.25-ounce bag consists of fresh carrots and seasoning in a separate internal packet, packaged together in a grab and go bag. The consumer breaks open the packet to disperse the seasoning over the carrots, then shakes to coat them. This package has earned a silver award -technical innovation from the 57th annual Flexible Packaging Association Achievement Awards.

Campbell’s Skillet sauce: Ampac

The Campbell’s Skillet Sauces line uses a new format, a shaped stand up pouch, in a category that is traditionally packaged in glass jars or aluminum cans. The stand-up pouch from Ampac is a rotogravure printed pouch utilizing a pattern matte varnish to highlight the graphics and a non-rocking bottom for enhanced shelf appeal. This package includes a layer of linear tear film and has a clear gusset to give the consumer a window to see the product while in the package. The registered matte overprint gives a chalkboard look to the pouch while allowing the product picture to ‘pop’ with a glossy finish. This package has earned a silver award –packaging excellence from the 57th annual Flexible Packaging Association Achievement Awards.

Gaspari Nutrition: Printpack & PTCi

The Gaspari Myofusion pouch takes up less space in the pantry and weighs much less than the original thermoformed container packaging. This pouch consists of a metallic structure that makes the refreshed, brighter graphics and product shot pop. Myofusion is one of the few pouches in the protein powder market, thus providing considerable differentiation from the competition. The resealable packaging is better able to maintain the freshness of the product; this product is produced as a two pass adhesive lamination, which enhances oxygen and moisture barrier protection. Printpack, along with Gaspari’s pouching partner Pouch Converting Technologies, Inc. provided Gaspari Nutrition a flexible stand up pouch with a slider reclose. The pouches, offered in 1, 6, 10, and 12 pound sizes, are printed and laminated in Shreveport and sent to PCTi for pouch making.

Jade Monk teas: Overnight Labels & Johnston Printing & packaging

Jade Monk instant, powdered, tea based “natural” energy drink is packaged as a 12-pack of individual single-serve on the go packets. The instant drink is easily mixed into cold water with on-the-go convenience. The individual packets of tea are supplied by Overnight Labels and the box packaging & printing is done by Johnson Printing & Packaging. The inspiration around the flavor designs was a blend of modern and traditional interpretation on ancient Japanese folklore. Featuring imagery designed  by Moxie Sozo (Boulder, CO), each flavor has its own unique character and design.

Natural Life pet food: cei (Coating Excellence International)

Natural Life pet food utilizes woven poly bags from cei that have the cei-patented pinch closed bottom and a slider zipper at the top. These are the first – and only – commercial woven poly bags using both a pinch bottom and a slider zipper. cei’s woven poly bags are puncture and tear resistant while providing barrier protection for the product inside. The bags are lightweight, leading to reduced shipping costs, landfill waste and storage space. The pinch bottom offers additional branding opportunities on the consumer-facing panel of the bag on shelf.  The slider zipper feature allows the consumer to easily open and reclose the package, keeping the product fresh. 

OMC egg rolls: Wrap It Up & Berco Labels

OMC is an egg roll and spring roll manufacturer in Canada that wanted to bring its product to the U.S. in a new packaging that would really ‘stand out on the shelf’. OMC worked with RSVP Brokers to bring the product to the U.S. Andrea Leiser of RSVP Brokers created the design and worked with Berco Labels to bring the idea into fruition. They then employed Wrap It Up Printing for the printing of the pouch. Before coming to the U.S. market, the egg rolls were packaged in a clear, flat lay down bag, but OMC wanted a new look for the U.S. The new package is a resealable black matte pouch that holds 12 egg or spring rolls and a sauce packet. The new package was so well-received that it is now replacing the Canadian product.

Pepperidge Farm Baked Naturals:  Sonoco

Pepperidge Farm’s Baked Naturals Cracker Chips come packaged in a quad-seal stand up bag that utilizes Sonoco’s SealTab technology. With the new SealTab reclose feature, consumers open the bag from the top and access the chips as usual. The consumer then pulls a tab near the top of the face panel which reveals the resealable adhesive flap and folds the top section of the bag forward, adhering the flap to the bag. This securely closes the opening and prevents chips from coming out. Each time chips are consumed, the top of the bag is folded down and the flap is adhered against the top of the folded bag, retaining freshness and maintaining the Baked Naturals brand on the bag’s front panel. The package features reclose instructions and pictorials for easy consumer use.

Perdue’s Grab ‘N Grill Saddle Pack: Curwood

From first glance, Perdue’s new Grab ‘N Grill pre-marinated fresh chicken package from Curwood says, “Pick me up and carry me home!” Designed to appeal to male grillers, the package’s integral carry handle and convenient, colorful two-pocket saddle pack stands up and out in the case. Colorful graphics promote the chicken’s easy, convenient prep, clean-up and grilling. Advanced forming and non-forming films deliver abuse and puncture resistance for the bone-in products, while special sealants protect against leakers.

Utz SNAK PAK SINGLES: Kliklok Woodman

Utz utilized Kliklok Woodman’s Bale Pack for its 6-pack of potato chips. The bale pack allows the chips to stack in a neat row all upright with improved shelf presentation and bill boarding. The pack is club store ready for a stackable presentation at the end of aisle or point of purchase. Because of the controlled shape and size of the bale pack, packers may not need to utilize a corrugated case. The bales are made from recyclable LDPE materials. The packs are convenient to handle 6 bags at once and allow the consumers to see the bags inside.


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