Comprising 90 different packaging designs across multiple categories, the unique Jack's store-brand range is rolling out across a number of stores.

One of the newest U.K. retailers, Jack's launched in September 2018, with 8 out of 10 products grown, reared or made in Britain at the low prices. Cowan London was appointed as the strategic and design lead and worked collaboratively as part of a wider agency mix.

The Union Jack sits proudly across a selection of ranges - a vivid reminder not only that 8 out of 10 products are grown, reared or made in Britain, but also of the retailer’s long-standing heritage as a value store.

The designs are imbued with British imagery: Dairy products feature artwork reminiscent of historic railway posters, while the tea range depicts illustrations of the British countryside, such as a hot air balloon.

On ice cream, illustrations of deck chairs and seagulls conjure a nostalgic view of the British seaside, while on the range of classic puddings (shown here) such as lemon fool and trifle, line drawings that transport consumers back to the lost era of the eccentric British inventor.

Jack’s-branded premium products are not branded as a sub-brand but are identifiable through classic cues such as a black signifier, gold hues and highlighted special ingredients — telling a great product story through type and aesthetics.