The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) announced the winners of its 65th Annual Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Competition. The winning entries were recognized during a virtual awards ceremony that was live-streamed on March 10th.

This year, 75 package entries were submitted for the competition, with a total of 201 entries (some packages were entered into multiple categories). Twenty packages were honored with 27 Achievement Awards.

The judges for this year’s competition included Cory Francer, Editor-in-Chief, Packaging Impressions; David Luttenberger; Global Packaging Director, Mintel Group Ltd.; and Keith Vorst, Ph.D., Director, Polymer and Food Protection Consortium, Iowa State University.

Judges say they were thrilled at the number of entries for the competition. Luttenberger notes, “I think the first thing that stood out was the number of entries. We've certainly had a unique and challenging year, but to have this many entries, as many, if not more, than we've had the past couple of years certainly was unexpected.”

Technical innovation and sustainability continue to be a focus of the competition. “We saw some packaging that was what I would call the total package for new ideas and innovations,” says Vorst. “It’s not just one component but companies are looking at all the package components now, and that’s exciting.” Luttenberger notes “the technological innovations we saw this year were really unique, clever, and practical constructions, looking at the advancement of barriers, particularly for recyclable materials and extending shelf life.”

An increasing trend seen for this year’s competition was in international entries. “We saw some entries came from the Middle East, Europe, and Asia as well. So, really a nice global mix of packaging,” notes Francer. According to Vorst, “the international entries, in many cases, brought some new technology to the game. I think we're seeing a different approach for packaging, maybe some things that we wouldn't typically see here in the U.S., and some of the entries that were entered were really impressive.”

Judges also remarked upon the printing quality of this year’s entries. “The print quality that we saw this year was really, really impressive. Some amazing things are being done with the graphics in flexible packaging,” states Francer. Vorst agrees with Francer’s observation and adds, “it was the first thing that grabbed our attention.”

Another trend seen for the competition is companies focusing on user experience for packaging. According to Luttenberger, “flexible packaging converters are recognizing that the end-user is not always a consumer — it could be an operating room technician, an EMT or someone in a warehouse. Making sure that the packaging works as it's supposed to, and making sure that the product maintains safety, efficacy is protected, is easy to open, can tell us when it's already been opened is important. We have to think about the user experience in the context with who the user is, not just a shopper in a store or someone preparing a meal at home, for instance.”




The Highest Achievement Award is evaluated by the judges as possessing overall packaging excellence, significant attributes in all award categories, and contributing most to the advancement of the industry.


Crunch Pak's Toy Story Lunch Kitz

Awards: Highest Achievement Award

Gold Award – Technical Innovation

Manufacturer: American Packaging Corporation,

End-User/Customer: Crunch Pak

Plant: Story City, IA

Key Supplier: American Packaging Corporation

Contact: Cindy Ingebritson, Corporate Marketing Specialist,, 515-733-1406

Description: American Packaging Corporation (APC) is proud to be part of the packaging for Crunch Pak’s Lunch Kitz. Lunch Kitz is a 4 oz. snack tray having individual compartments containing fresh sliced apples, an artisan cracker, string cheese, and Italian salami. The foods are fresh and healthy, including the salami which is without nitrates, nitrites, or artificial ingredients.



Listed alphabetically by package name.


Amcor's Dual Chamber Pouch

Award: Gold Award – Technical Innovation

Manufacturer: Amcor Flexibles,

End-User/Customer: Boston Scientific

Plant: Mundelein, IL

Contact: Angelia Schiedemeyer, Sr. Marketing Communications,, 920-527-7132

Description: The Amcor Dual Chamber Pouch is a specialty multi-layer pouch with a breathable membrane. The product consists of a peelable device chamber and a non-peelable desiccant chamber, and the desiccant is kept separate from the device with a symmetric coextruded vented nylon film. This solution is ideal for moisture sensitive products such as drug-coated products which may be adversely affected by reacting with various gasses found within the aosphere of the package and is suitable for EtO sterilization.

Arbor Teas Organic Tea

Award: Gold Award – Sustainability

Manufacturers: Polykar (, Eagle Flexible Packaging (, and Futamura USA, Inc. (

End-User/Customer: Arbor Teas

Plant: Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada

Designer/Design Firm: Arbor Teas

Key Suppliers: Polykar, Eagle Flexible Packaging, and Futamura USA, Inc.

Contact: Bryan Mongeau, Marketing Communications Specialist,, 514-264-8158

Description: Compostable films are united to create an environmentally friendly tea packaging solution. The labels of the packaging are composed of hemp-based or sugarcane-based paper. The sealant layer is PKBIO200C from Polykar. This film is derived from resin which is partially bio-based from corn feedstock. It has high clarity and a low seal initiation temperature. The print web of the multi-layer structure is NatureFlex from Futamura, a compostable cellulose film based on wood pulp from sustainably-managed sources. These materials also reduce the weight of the packaging when compared to paperboard tubes or kraft bags. The material in Arbor Teas’ packages requires a less optimized environment for biodegradation, representing a major advance in low-impact packaging.

Chameleon for Tyvek

Award:  Gold Award – Expanding the Use of Flexible Packaging

Manufacturer: PAXXUS, Inc.,

Plant: Addison, IL

Contact: Dhuanne Dodrill, CEO,, 630-405-7801

Description: Chameleon for Tyvek allows the user to readily evaluate the quality of a seal when used with uncoated Tyvek. Before opening, the seal shows as a darker color when viewed through the film side. Once the package has been peeled open, a vivid colored seal indicator presents on the Tyvek with a contrasting white seal indicator on the film. The easy ability for users to identify any seal flaws addresses the new EU Medical Device Regulation requirements that the "integrity of the packaging is clearly evident to the final user" while providing a consistent, smooth, fiber-free peel.

Hunter’s Gourmet – Quinoa Chips

Awards:  Gold Award – Packaging Excellence

Gold Award – Printing

Gold Award – Shelf Impact

Manufacturer: Emirates Printing Press, L.L.C., 

End-User/Customer: Hunter Foods – UAE

Plant: Dubai, UAE

Contact: Joseph Binoy, Senior Sales Manager,, +97145039999

Description: The first thing that consumers remember about a brand is its color. The print on matte OPP with a white background and multiple colors gives the package a very rich look, and the shelf appearance influences the consumers to buy the product. The structure of the package is 20µ matte OPP + 12µ metalized PET + 60µ LDPE-TR and maintains the required barrier for the chips.

Industrial Compostable Coffee Pod Lidding & Mother Bag

Award: Gold Award – Sustainability

Manufacturer: TC Transcontinental Packaging,

End-User/Customer: Maxwell House Coffee Canada

Plant: Brooklyn, NY

Contact: Diana Courtepatte, Customer & Sales Solutions Manager,, 416-998-2214

Description: Both the pod lidding and mother bag are certified by the BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute), meaning that it is certified to breakdown in industrial composting. They are made from a high percentage of plant-based materials providing a sustainable solution for the single-serve coffee industry to mitigate landfill waste. The entire solution has a circular design with renewable inputs into the materials and a no separation pod design to ensure easy consumer disposal into the organics collection to be processed as industrial compost. The compostable lidding film has a good sealing performance as it seals onto the unique industrial compostable soft pod design and brown ring. The mother bag protects the pods and provides a barrier, all to help mitigate contamination in the end stream.

Infused Face Mask

Award:  Gold Award – Shelf Impact

Manufacturers: Karlville ( and The Packaging Lab (

End-User/Customer: Nufabrx

Plant: Brooklyn Park, MN

Designer/Design Firm: The Packaging Lab

Key Supplier: The Packaging Lab

Contact: Raul Matos, Vice President,, 305-533-1051

Description: Not all masks are created equal. The copper-infused face mask is impregnated with Shea Butter moisturizer as doctors, first responders, and millions of people are dealing with redness, irritation, or “maskne” caused by masks. For the packaging, the pouch is digitally printed, thermally laminated, and pouched all within 24 hours. To give moisture barrier the brand owner chose a BOPP. The structure is matte BOPP (1.1 mil)/EVA/ink /EVOH/PE (3.5 mil).

Nutra Dates 3D Pouch

Award:  Gold Award – Printing

Manufacturer: Emirates Printing Press, L.L.C.,

End-User/Customer: Al Foah Dates

Plant: Dubai, UAE

Contact: Joseph Binoy, Senior Sales Manager,, +97145039999

Description: The Nutra Dates 3D Pouch compliments the contrast between the matte look with a patterned golden metallic design. The date image is designed to create a superior impact on the shelf and comes with a reclosable zipper to maintain product freshness and laser scoring for consumer convenience.

Ruffles Lime and Jalapeño Anthony Davis Bags

Awards:  Gold Award – Packaging Excellence

Gold Award – Printing

Gold Award – Shelf Impact

Manufacturer: Printpack,

End-User/Customer: Frito-Lay

Plant: Villa Rica, GA

Contact: Lisa Preston, Marketing Communications Manager,, 404-460-7441

Description: Ruffles’ new Lime and Jalapeño chip flavor is a collaboration between two bold and dynamic brands, Ruffles and basketball star Anthony Davis. The collaboration was inspired by Davis' multidimensional personality and Ruffles’ spirit of individuality. Three package designs reference Anthony Davis’ #3 jersey. Each package features one of two images of Mr. Davis placed on one of three different backgrounds of bold waves. The wavy lines of the package represent both Ruffles’ iconic texture and Davis’ trademarked unibrow. These limited-edition bags marks the first time in Frito-Lay history that a chip package features a celebrity likeness.

Shield Pack Clear High Barrier Aseptic IBC Liner

Award: Gold Award – Technical Innovation

Manufacturer: Amcor Flexibles,

Plant: Oshkosh, WI

Contact: Jennifer Hackinson, Marketing Communications Specialist,, 920-527-5604

Description: The Shield Pack Clear High Barrier Aseptic IBC Liner provides the clarity and durability that the distribution process demands. This technology replaces laminated oriented metalized structures in applications where manufacturers are packaging up to 300 gallons of product for intermittent storage and transportation. The multi-layer structure safeguards against moisture, oxygen, and environmental contamination, while extending distribution range, reducing transit failures, improving product quality, and maintaining product color and vitamin retention.

Volga Shahi Gold Pouch

Award:  Gold Award – Printing

Manufacturer: Emirates Printing Press, L.L.C.,

End-User/Customer: Walq Foods Industries LLC

Plant: Dubai, UAE

Contact: Joseph Binoy, Senior Sales Manager,, +97145039999

Description: The Volga Shahi Gold Pouch is printed with inline registered matte coating which makes the pouch stand out on the shelf. High dart PE used inside the gusset improves the dart impact of the laminate, sustain drop tests and bursting strength during transport, and handling of the package. The artwork was designed to enhance the traditional feel. The matte and glossy look of the pouch creates excellent shelf appeal, helping it catch the immediate attention of the user. A 3D pouch technique was used to replace the conventional pouching and woven bag.



Listed alphabetically by package name.


50% Recycled Content Multi-Use E-Commerce Mailer

Awards:  Silver Award – Packaging Excellence

Silver Award – Sustainability

Manufacturers: Manufacturers: Berry Global ( and PAC Worldwide Corporation (

End-User/Customer: PAC Worldwide Corporation

Plants: Danville, KY and Middletown, OH

Contact: Caleb Triplett, Product Manager - Flexible Packaging,, 336-469-2471

Description: Berry Global and PAC Worldwide Corporation co-developed a multi-use e-commerce mailer that contains an industry-leading 50% recycled content. Using a proprietary blend, this mailer advances the circular economy through a material reduction of 20% to competing mailers and the prior mailer used. Also, this mailer is part of a family of mailers that utilize an exclusive closed-loop system of recycled content supplied in partnership with one of PAC Worldwide’s e-commerce customers. Uniquely engineered for best-in-class output, high-opacity, low-light transmission, high-performance seal characteristics, and extreme toughness, this mailer helps e-commerce brands meet sustainability objectives without compromising on performance.

Amazon Tea Stand-up Pouch

Award: Silver Award – Printing

Manufacturer: Emirates Printing Press, L.L.C.,

End-User/Customer: Al Maras Tea Filling Factory

Plant: Dubai, UAE

Contact: Joseph Binoy, Senior Sales Manager,, +97145039999

Description: The Amazon Tea Stand-up pouch is designed to create a superior impact on the shelf. The key features include rich vibrant colors and appealing visual effects achieved with 8 color gravure printing which makes the pouch distinctive. The printing on matte OPP with a very high-resolution product image gives the package a unique look. This pouch, both functional and elegant, is designed with a resealable zipper that keeps the product fresh for a longer time.

Aunt Millie's Live Organic BIOVANTAGE Bakery Bag

Awards:  Silver Award – Sustainability

Silver Award – Technical Innovation

Manufacturer: Berry Global,

End-User/Customer: Aunt Millie's

Plant: Macedon, NY

Contact: Caleb Triplett, Product Manager - Flexible Packaging,, 336-469-2471

Description: Aunt Millie’s Live Organic is a new family-farmed organic bread emphasizing social and environmental responsibility strengthened through the use of Berry Global’s BIOVANTAGE bakery film. This film contains 50% renewable, bio-based PE sourced from sugarcane. BIOVANTAGE is a drop-in for traditional PE films, with no change in performance or packaging properties. Also, BIOVANTAGE films are How2Recycle prequalified. Through the use of BIOVANTAGE, Biorenewable Content (BRC) certified inks, and 15% downgauging, Aunt Millie’s reinforced the appeal of the Live Organic product line to the target audience of environmentally and socially responsible consumers.

Brookside Hershey’s Exotic Dark Pouch

Award: Silver Award – Technical Innovation

Manufacturer: Paharpur 3P,

End-User/Customer: Hershey India Private Ltd.

Plant: Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

Designer/Design Firm: Paharpur 3P and Hershey India Private Ltd.

Key Suppliers: Ester Industries Ltd., Henkel Adhesives Technologies India, and Sakata Inx

Contact: Vipendra Tyagi, VP – R&D and Quality,, +91-0120-4389173

Description: This innovative peelable strip in a pouch was developed where the consumer initially sees the existing branding (Brookside) and then peels the strip away to unveil the new Hershey branding (Hershey’s Exotic Dark). The strip is an integral part of the pouch and is not a pressure-sensitive paper label. Paharpur 3P developed this concept, modified existing equipment, and was able to manufacture the pouches with a zipper and bottom gusset plus the registered strip with minimum tolerance. The challenge was to develop the laminate structure for the pouch and strip which should look similar to the existing laminate and exhibit good heat seal and easy peel properties. The specifications of the base gusset of pouches were slightly changed, and it passed all hurdles of machinability/barrier properties and standability.

CaPao Cacaofruit Smoothie Balls

Award: Silver Award – Shelf Impact

Manufacturer: ProAmpac,

End-User/Customer: Mondelez

Plant: Hartford, WI

Designer/Design Firm: Bulletproof

Contact: Mariah Thurston, Marketing Coordinator,, 413-875-9858

Description: CaPao brought to market their Cacaofruit Smoothie Balls – little balls of goodness – combining cacaofruit pulp with other fruits, nuts, and seeds to deliver a completely new plant-based snack experience. These bite-sized nourishing snacks are produced in a wind-powered manufacturing facility and are individually wrapped on a high-speed vertical form/fill/seal line with a unique recyclable high-barrier paper touch film, then placed in reclosable pouches also made with a unique recyclable high-barrier paper touch structure.

Krakatoa Hot Chips, 6.7 oz.

Award: Silver Award – Shelf Impact

Manufacturer: Printpack,

End-User/Customer: Amplify Snack Brands

Plant: Villa Rica, GA

Designer/Design Firm: Jeff Day and Joanie Cahill, Amplify Snack Brands

Contact: Lisa Preston, Marketing Communications Manager,, 404-460-7441

Description: The north star of Krakatoa Hot Chips is “heat.” As such, the brand is named after Mount Krakatoa, a volcano in the Indonesian Islands famous for one of the most violent explosions in human history. To that end, Krakatoa’s logo doubles as both the human mouth “on fire” as well as a volcano erupting. The brand has five trademarked names that represent a flavor experience that ranges from spicy to volcanic as measured by the brand’s “Krak Scale.” The “Krak Scale” is featured prominently on the back of the bag so consumers know exactly what they are getting into.

Numi Tea

Award: Silver Award – Sustainability

Manufacturer: Plastic Suppliers, Inc. ( and Elk Packaging (

End-User/Customer: Numi Tea

Key Supplier: Plastic Suppliers, Inc. (PSI), EarthFirst PLA sealant film supplier

Contact: Cecelia Glackin-Hunt, Marketing Project Manager,, 614-418-3829

Description: Timed with a brand refresh, Numi Tea introduced a new plant-based package for their individually wrapped tea. This new pouch incorporates renewable, bio-based plastic, including EarthFirst PLA sealant film, instead of fossil fuel-based plastic. Every layer of the packaging is now plant-based. The tea packages passed ASTM D6868 biodegradation testing for disintegration and ecotoxicity, making the tea wraps compostable in commercial facilities. Now, Numi Tea packages naturally lower the carbon footprint of the packaging.

Reset360 Large Format Protein Pouch

Award: Silver Award – Printing

Manufacturer: Nosco, 

End-User/Customer: Reset360

Plant: Carrollton, TX

Key Suppliers: Film suppliers: Advanced Converting Works and Nobelus; Ink Supplier: HP Indigo ElectroInks; Closure Manufacturer: Zip-Pak; and the Printing Press Supplier: HP Indigo 20000

Contact: Steven Krueger, New Product Development Manager,, 847-360-4866

Description: When Reset360 came to Nosco seeking a large format digital flexible packaging pouch with metallic color, Nosco’s team of engineers and graphics experts went to work on a solution. Because metallic print cannot be attained on press today, the team first recommended a metPET material for its metallic properties. They then paired this material with the appropriate screen values to allow for the desired metallic effect to show through – matching the metallic PMS color originally requested by the customer. Premium white ink was then printed in the areas where Reset360 did not want a metallic effect, which provided the clean look desired. This pouch features 5 HP Indigo ElectroInk colors.

Smithfield Prime Fresh Delicatessen

Award: Silver Award – Expanding the Use of Flexible Packaging

Manufacturer: Berry Global,

End-User/Customer: Smithfield Foods

Plant: Milwaukee, WI

Designer/Design Firm: Berry Global

Contact: Caleb Triplett, Product Manager - Flexible Packaging,, 336-469-2471

Description: The Smithfield Prime Fresh Delicatessen package is a proprietary dual-forming web engineered to mirror packaging typical to cold cuts just sliced at the deli counter. The Prime Fresh package is the only deli-meat package of its kind. It is a surface-printed coextruded film with high-barrier properties, enabling it to replace laminated structures that are typical to processed deli-meat. Through an innovative extrusion process and careful material selection, this package offers improved shelf life and enhanced consumer experience, while eliminating the PET web typical to laminations. The Prime Fresh bag also uses 31% less material than the conventional tubs that hold competing pre-sliced deli meat, resulting in other sustainability benefits like fewer transportation miles and less product waste.